A satirical warning that if values matter, the need to be upheld. LESM This is the question Houellebecq is attempting to answer but he’s chosen to unload the failures of Europe in this case France on the shoulders of a powerless community whose most effective means of showing power is to blow up buildings or truck down people walking down the street, leaving the rest of their people to give out embarrassed defenses. He lives in France. None of them fear Right-wing violence, however. The novel contains nothing controversial about Islam—its worst sin is misinformation.

michel houellebecq submission

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Submission (novel) – Wikipedia

Changes, for sure, but ones that often elude the eye. How many non-Christian presidents secular countries of West have ever seen compare: This novel is not a paranoid political fantasy; it merely contains one.

michel houellebecq submission

Berliner Morgenpost in German. In fact, the novel talks about that with the help of a politician Lord Ivywood, and feminist groups islam will be with power in England. He has no real community, and his sole relationship–an on-again-off-again thing with a year old student–is going nowhere.

The inability to act and the lack of political will characterize both him and his society. Yes, a return to patriarchy, submissive women and a bleaching of the culture are very attractive prospects, indeed seductive prospects. Well, aside from the novel premise of an islamic conversion of France in the election and a few comical observations here and there, the book is still primarily about his own intellect and his genitalia.


I set out to read this book expecting to be provoked because in my experience Houellebecq is always hell-bent on provoking somebody, and very often that ‘somebody’ is of the opposite sex. I guess there is no one answer and that it’s not something we can do anything about, so we tell stories and hold up mythological cautions. The far-sighted can only mobilize the short-sighted based on their present discontents. This book seriously wants me to believe that modern women in France would voluntarily put on veils or just dress more conservatively, simply because a muslim party managed to get into power?

Submission by Michel Houellebecq review – satire that’s more subtle than it seems

Retrieved from ” https: Venal and vicious as a Messalina, who had relations with minors, and persons of both sexes. Submission, by Michel Houellebecq ” “. A more measured response might be to evaluate the likelihood of the circumstances outlined in this firebrand of a book. It is a startling new work by one of the most provocative and prescient novelists of today: Women are not forbidden to study at universities or enter the workforce, but they are encouraged to learn housekeeping and stay at home in exchange for generous state support.

The return of the patriarchy Just some minor details concerning women’s rights Houellebecq is criticizing everyone and no one, really. The writing is gripping. Joseph Pearce called it the ugly in his wonderful book, which speaks of his conversion. But Rightists need to take note. With the exception of the new underclass, women. The politicians and the clerics will continue to betray the white majority unto death, that is what the jews pay them for.


His works though, particularly Atomised, have received high praise from the French literary intelligentsia, with generally positive international critical response, Having written poetry and a biography of the horror writer H. Their role is confined to polygamous marriage, childbirth and parenthood. Houellebecq writes about Islam with curiosity, fascination, even a hint of envy.

Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Later on is when the plot of the novel changes to a more radicalized world. However, the problem is they are still traditionalists — and traditions return. In Greek mythology, Cassandra is a very beautiful young submizsion “like the golden Aphrodite,” Homer writes.

For someone who is definitely not a literature expert anyway.

michel houellebecq submission

Instead let’s talk for a minute about whether this is a dystopian futuristic novel. Women are not supposed to work. All in all, I found it a thought-provoking read, but it was more of a meditation than a novel, which in that sense made it less enjoyable.

We can sort that out later. The whole book is written in excellent language with a lot of bad irony and subtle humor.