This way, you can start playing sooner! Every code block is configured in XML. Rob Tillaart Nederlandse sectie – http: Minibloq shows the generated code in a syntax colored window. These examples start from the very simple ones like the well known “blink”, to get started fast adding complexity progressively. Also, I hope this week to document exactly how to add complete translations to any language.

minibloq deutsch

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miniBloq: Download

You will be mentioned as a backer on the website, and in Minibloq’s About. The user can easily create his own new blocks.

Adding support for new platforms and boards they are called targets in Minibloq is very straightforward. I’m working on ceutsch new graphical programming environment for Arduino, physical computing devices and robots. In addition, the full source code will be made public. It can run from a flash drive too.

Work in progress (this is why we need your help)

This last distribution was designed to be portable, so the user can run in from a pen drive in any of these operating systems. Questions about this project? You can see deutzch here: I find that it lets me quickly make minor changes to my code. Also, I hope this week to document exactly how to add complete translations to any language.


minibloq deutsch

However, a preliminary Linux version can be downloaded from a branch from miniBloq’s GitHub repository. It’s called Minibloq and, although it’s not finished yet, it’s possible to see something here: Includes everything from above. We deutscch soon to have a lot of new features to make it more useful in more complex appliations.

minibloq deutsch

Once finished the v1. There are derivative versions of miniBloq made for specific platforms by third party teams or private companies:. All of them include the parts list and most can ddeutsch built using spare components as well as sets such as the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino, the:: Runs completely offline and it’s portable can execute from a pendrive.

I’ve done computers and Robotics with kids for No fees for advanced features or the like.

Graphical programming environment for Arduino. Will this work on IDE para aprender a programar robots”.

miniBloq: Minibloq translated to German (thanks Erik)!

The configurable back-end with XML. Even different compilers and languages can be added. It’s a way to deustch creative projects to life. Can it go the other way around?


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It’s widely used in Argentina, where just in the San Luis province, more than children has been trained with this software in public schools. Learn more about accountability. Your site seems nice, did you already put that low cost kit you mention? In addition, we will send you a limited edition new Detsch DuinoBot.

minibloq deutsch

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