The name isnt that good either. The Infinity has the looks but not the speed to match the others. I mean, who would want to put a turbo on a Sport Utility Vehicle? The problem is the cars have the same basic attributes but some cars excel in certain categories. Yet again an amazing car that looks good.

mobil tercepat di underground 2

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The sad part is that somehow it out handles some of the unerground. NFSU2 is the best game to hit cosoles in a long time and I feel should fully be exploited to its full potential. While at least they still have some cars who can tak a beating. DriftPontiac GTO The reason this car looses in the muscle car class is the reason it wins in the drift category.

Now that the celica is in its last production year, you would think it had great atributes. I’ll cover everything from best starter to overall best car.

Need for Speed Underground 2 – Car List/FAQ (PS2)

The VW of course! The RSX has made acceleration and is clearly the best accelerator car in the whole game. Underrgound arent many cars in this class but all undrground better than most other cars. Im not that rude. Its friendly styling and fast engine proves that Undergfound automakers produce family cars as well as sports cars.


The Mazda just sneaks out the win because in the end, the car looks better, preforms better, and is a touch more easy to get. Now your obvious choice is the Audi TT but yet, its near last.

The Skyline is a bit overated but still has a strong engine while the RX-7 gains lots of speed with upgrades. The GTO wins in everything except First place.

I will answer to cars but game help isnt really my thing. These cars are all new and powerful. I rated this on the undergroudn preformer overall in all categories Closing statement – So that’s it. Who is going to say “My Lexus has horsepower? Now the Audi A3 isnt in Canada or the Tercepatt.

The Nissan is a bit bland in all categories but a body kit and some engine mods and it drives in to second place. I have heard from numerous users that the Toyota is the best, and now that I have tried it, they were right!

Need for Speed Underground 2 – Car List/FAQ (PS2)

Hats off to the undergroynd inspired cars. You start with your free pick of 5 or 6 cars and you must pick 1 and only 1. The fact is, the car looks good and preforms good and in the end, isnt that what we all want?


The bid daddys of the road.

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If you could try, please keep down the game help questions. Completed and on IGN with minor errors V2-Corrected Street X more defined carlist current Soon to come V3- Tuning tips and performance lists of all cars with Level 3 performance mods Car list – Whoo, second section.

mobil tercepat di underground 2

Email mpbil at domigit yahoo. Overall, I would go with the Peugot but don’t criticise me, it all depends on what you want to do with the car. Now you can take these soccer practice cars and totally trick them out.

You can leave now. No tercepxt the Civic is in here because it is the car that started the Whole tuner idea! There is no real winner in this class.

mobil tercepat di underground 2

The RSX is a great overall car but it excells mostly in acceleration. So if you read all of that you should have a pretty good idea of the game.