Hello, I applied the updated character models a couple of days ago. Can you Help me please? Posted November 8, edited. An archive of patch notes from previous World of Warcraft patches. Register a new account. The Story of Warcraft. It did worked for me for just a couple of minutes.

mop 5.4.8

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mop 5.4.8

So when i used the 5. I have follow all steps but don’t start when use pandashan launcher Each Game Master will be providing assistance to players through Forums, Discord and In-game tickets. World of Warcraft Patch 5. Posted October 14, I have downloaded MOP 5.

Posted July 23, Achievements Going to Need a Bigger Bag is now an account-wide achievement and items obtained by all characters on the account now contribute credit towards completion. Heirloom weapons awarded by Garrosh Hellscream have been increased by 8 item levels to keep them competitive with the additional 2 upgrade levels given to other items. Originally Posted by todorwow. Just to make sure. MPQs to your WoW’s language.


For additional details behind this change, please check out the forum thread titled: An archive of patch notes 5.4.8 previous World of Warcraft patches. Sign In Sign Up. Items All upgradable epic quality items introduced in Patch 5.

Hello guys, Does it work with a french version? By signing up for the ,op you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more.

And numbers need to be that, because of the. Patch notes for World of Warcraft Patch 5.

Do any of you have any suggestions or solutions for this error? Edited November 8, by darnias. All times are GMT.

mop 5.4.8

What should i do? Posted June 2, Credits jh16 – patched.

Mop – Best WoW Addons

Moo, I do not see this as a big issue and don’t mind this little nuisance because everything else was gorgeous. Posted November 8, edited.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted February 15, Register a new account.

[MOP] WoD models for 5.4.8

Remember that mip are requirements for the position. This means the achievement can be completed by obtaining all the required items across multiple characters instead of having a single character obtain all the items needed.


Seriously, why can’t we just change the realmlist and use any client, this is way too much work for some models because you HAVE to use the Firestorm client and you HAVE to download it through the snail speed launcher that takes three weeks to do anything. I tried enabling them from the folder but it turns off again.

mop 5.4.8

If anything is not clear enough please respond to this topic, I will try to help you even though I have zero experience how any of this works: None of the links are working for me, all im getting is “Unable to connect”.