It is however disheartening to hear from the highly educated individuals in our contemporary Yoruba society, and by extension Nigeria describing a film that lacks ethical values interesting. For instance, Akanni and Abeni are victorious at the end of the film, Abeni. This argument does not foreclose the involvement of producers of secular films in the production of evangelical film. All of these did not come all of a sudden for the Lagos State born actress. The illiterate audience see Yoruba films as cultural products to be consumed for sustainable cultural nationalism. Her movie, Osas Omoge Benin dragged to her door step a lot of controversies as many alleged she jacked the idea from Jenifa, a movie produced by Funke Akindele but Aigbe is quick to refute such claims.

muniru ati ambali movie

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The angle of shots and mode of transition that are seen in Nigerian movies betray the high level of professionalism expected from the Nigerian Society of Cinematographers.

muniru ati ambali movie

Oju Olere Money they say is the root of all evil. This class of audience are rather passionate about films from America, Europe and Asia. Film critics and scholars have observed that television plays were hand-in-hand with cineart celluloid through the availability of film stock of Nigerian Television Authority. This video and mp3 song of Ole ni everybody okele latest yoruba comedy movie new release is published by AmuludunTV on 17 Sep The semi-urban residency enjoys regular electric power supply, potable water and fairly-good access road.

Amnali soon met with Abeokuta based actor, Late Isola Durojaiye popularly called Alasari, who further helped him brush up his talents and gave him the right exposure.

muniru ati ambali movie

Also Anyone munoru download Muniru ati anbali’s newest and oldest mp3,hd mp4 songs. The variation in the attitude and reaction of Yoruba film audience is informed by perception, preference and taste owing to exposure and experience.


Popular Yoruba Comic Actor, Sanyeri Completes Multi Million Naira Ikorudu Home

It is however disheartening to hear from the highly educated individuals in our contemporary Yoruba society, and by extension Nigeria describing a film that lacks ethical values interesting. In this feature, Nigerian Entertainment Today highlights, in no particular order, 10 most popular and reigning actors in the industry. Mugali ati mugaiba latest yoruba mjniru drama starring afonja olaniyi tunde usman.

She returned to the movies after bagging her Law degree from the University of Lagos. Despite the genres of Yoruba films discussed here, this paper acknowledges that the Yoruba film industry has open-ended genres. This video and mp3 song of Opakan.

The quality of films in content and technicality does munirj reflect the presence of different guilds in Nigerian film industry. Similar to this is the proliferation of theatre associations. The quantity of films produced from the Yoruba belt of the film industry mhniru to the fact that the Yoruba have a rich theatre culture before the revolution in the video film format. This video and mp3 song of Opa kan is published by Tajudeen Afolabi on 11 Jun The play was usually televised at night and anytime there amba,i power outage, people would trek miles to watch the play where there was electricity through a generator.

Lack of substantive national leader of the association has created chance for chaos, anarchy and indiscipline in the industry.

The list is long and many.

A Critique With the journey so far, Yoruba film industry has harvested from different genres: Institute of African studies, University of Ibadan, When any amoral film is released into the market, the guild, with one voice will condemn such film and raise awareness against its patronage.


It is usually omvie upon the fact that nothing good in life comes easily.

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This video and mp3 song of Mugali ati mugaiba latest yoruba movie drama starring afonja olaniyi tunde usman is published by Igbalode Tv – Yoruba Movies New Release on 23 Jan Chronological age is another parameter for the classification of Muniruu film audience.

All of these did not come all of a sudden for the Lagos State born actress.

muniru ati ambali movie

These various studies traced the theatrical traditions of these erudite theatre practitioners on stage, radio, television and celluloid with due consideration for their genres, artistic vision, as well as their pains and gains. This collaboration can only achieve the intended purpose with degrees of sustainable sincerity, probity, loyalty and accountability.

Muniru ati Ambali 2-3

Since she starred in her first Yoruba movie alongside Yinka Quadri inMecry Aigbe-Gentry muinru become a household name. This category of film audience watched Yoruba film with some degree of fascination as a result of nostalgia for their indigenous muinru and culture. It is however appalling to see the negative attitudes of most of these urban residents towards Yoruba films. They erroneously accuse Yoruba films of easy plot because they are familiar with the culture and cosmology of the race.

The terror is back! Off-shore is used to describe Yoruba film audience living beyond the territorial boundaries land, air and water of Nigeria.