From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 7 August , at Each quality sub-characteristic e. Quality-in-use metrics are only available when the final product is used in real conditions. Conclusion The undertaking of this study made it possible to evaluate the technical quality and functional performance of the PROCEnf-USP r software, and the results obtained demonstrated the quality of the system in each attribute considered.

nbr iso iec 14598

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The system must allow the nurses to undertake routine tasks with a minimum number of steps. One of the approaches for evaluating information technology is the nhr of quality standards devised and revised by the ISO International Organization for Standardization and the IEC International Electrotechnical Commission.

An attribute is an entity which can be verified or measured in the software product. Usability obtained the highest frequency of responses of ‘Disagree’.

nbr iso iec 14598

Nevertheless, the item of ‘satisfaction with performance in the simulation’ did not obtain a satisfactory value, suggesting improvements in the usability Usability had the highest frequency of responses of ‘Disagree’.

Effect of a nursing information system on the quality of information processing in nursing: The sample was intentional and non-probabilistic, made up of 37 thirty seven evaluators, of nb eight 8 were specialists in information technology, eight 8 were nurse lecturers, thirteen 13 were staff nurses from the general medicine and surgical clinics with experience in the use of the PROCEnf-USP r system and eight 8 were staff nurses from other units of the HU-USP and from other health institutions without experience in the use of the above-mentioned system.

The sample was made up of 37 evaluators. Views Read Edit View history.

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Early adopters in long-term care facilities. As a result, the notion of user extends to operators isi well as to programmers, which are users of components such as software libraries.


nbr iso iec 14598

There were few responses of ‘Not Applicable’. Usability analysis of the tele-nursing call management software at HealthLink BC.

In this regard, it is appropriate to consider that the process of implementing and maintaining a computerized system involves costs and requires the directing of concentrated efforts, involving structural, processual and financial variables. Software is used in the areas of education, entertainment, transport, communication, the financial system, the environment, industry, business, medicine and many others. Usability of electronic nursing record systems: Studies which use methods of heuristic evaluation for the analysis of the electronic nursing records systems, with standardized language, demonstrated that these systems have problems of usability, with negative effects for the nurse’s documentation practices and the nursing work The results of the characteristic of performance efficiency demonstrated that the system’s users desire software which is faster in its response time and data processing.

Experiences with electronic health records: Following the updating of the standard, new characteristics were added and others received more accurate names.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Introduction The use of computing systems and software has grown rapidly in all sectors of activity of society, reaching an ever greater number of users.

The explanations provided for the responses of ‘Disagree’ also evidenced the need for investment in equipment, such as computers and printers. It is considered that the development of this software represents an advance for nursing through its use of standardized systems of language which serve to demonstrate nursing’s contribution to individuals’ health, allowing the measuring both of clinical efficacy and the cost of the nursing care. Services on Demand Journal.

Definition and results from an evaluation study in Finland. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


nbr iso iec 14598

One study on the evaluation of changes in the quality of the processing of information in nursing, immediately prior to, and one year after, the introduction of a computerized nursing system concluded that there had been significant improvement in the quality of the nursing documentation, as well as support during the patient anamnesis and care planning. Int J Med Inform. This evidenced the need for improvements in the PROCEnf-USP r ‘s level of communicability with the other hospital systems and in its capacity to transfer data and exchange commands.

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Ideally, the internal quality determines the external quality and external quality determines quality in use. This page was last edited on 1498 Augustat Nevertheless, ensuring this system’s quality is an important challenge and goal due to the responsibility for users and patients. On doing so, however, it leaves up to each organization the task of specifying precisely its own model.

The process of improving the system is continuous, ieo proposals for implantation in the care units of the hospital, integration with the administrative data from human resources and quality indicators, interoperability with materials systems and patients is tests systems, and the computerized dimensioning of nursing professionals, among others.

This may be done, for example, by specifying target values for quality metrics which evaluates the degree of presence of quality attributes.