Windows Server on x Windows Server and R2. Cloud Storage – Vendor Compatibility. To better help its customers to plan for these upcoming changes to the support status of these items in NetBackup, Veritas will provide advanced notification as soon as possible as listed below. Push install from the administration console is being changed to use ssh. Each drive model listed in the following table has been tested in Veritas labs to verify that it works with NetBackup correctly, so Veritas recommends using only listed drives with the KMS feature. The following table lists NetBackup Series release versions, the Appliance models supported with each version, and the equivalent Deduplication Appliance software versions.

netbackup 7.6 upgrade

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All supported NetBackup platforms by Remote Agent.

Installation and Upgrade Checklist Report for NetBackup Enterprise Server

References to NetBackup and Appliances have been removed from this document since these models are no longer supported. Backup data is sent over the local network. WMI backup features and upgrdae Cloud solution NetBackup Appliances running 3. You do not need a separate Agent to collect data from PureDisk. The table below shows when a NetBackup cloud configuration hetbackup device mappings RPM package is required for configuring cloud providers with NetBackup Appliances.

Active Directory Granular Restore.

netbackup 7.6 upgrade

The latest netackup of this file is included in NetBackup release updates and is also available for download independently entbackup the Veritas support site.

Subject Notes Vendor support considerations 1. Replication Director – Links to Vendor Sites. The following table lists attributes supported with Tape Drives and indicates the NetBackup 8. Library expansion modules are supported unless noted otherwise. Only the virtual tape drive emulations listed with each virtual library are supported.


The NetBackup Replication Director feature offers a single NetBackup interface for end-to-end data protection for unified policy management, snapshot copy management, snapshot copy monitoring, and global search and restore.

Custom Reports Using Data Collectors. Database and Application Agent Compatibility. Please see the preceding table for specific OS version support.

Client-side deduplication relies on two-way communication over the LAN with the media server. Configure the media server to be both a upgarde storage server or load balancing server and an FT media server.

NetBackup – Wikipedia

Solution briefs have been created for the cloud infrastructures listed in the table below. All firmware versions newer than what is listed are also supported.

Veritas is committed to providing the best possible data protection experience for NetBackup customers on the widest variety of platforms, operating systems, databases, applications, and hardware. Whole image Optimized Duplication uses the storage unit’s Maximum fragment size to transfer an entire NetBackup image fragment in a single operation. NetBackup web services could not start on this host appears during the upgrade to NetBackup 8.

Vendor URL Cleversafe http: VSS based snapshot at a volume-level is supported, but snapshots at a LUN level will not work due to a Microsoft issue.

Red Hat Virtualization Compatibility.

Thank You | Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Upgrade Fact Sheet

When Veritas does not have such a support relationship in place with the third-party vendor, or when the vendor ceases nebtackup support such product sthen our ability to support Veritas Licensed Software operating with such vendor’s product s may be limited, affected, or prevented and such third party product s may cease to be part of Veritas-supported configuration s. The Veritas NetBackup OpenStorage Optimized Duplication feature takes advantage of the replication capabilities built into many storage servers and cloud solutions by allowing upggrade replicated by the storage servers or cloud solutions to be registered as duplicated copies in the NetBackup catalog.


netbackup 7.6 upgrade

Due to the number of combinations, it is not possible to test all combinations for compatibility. You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer! During an upgrade of NetBackup, MBs of temporary disk space is required on the drive where Windows is installed.

The table below represents the platform configurations that have been tested for compatibility with ACLs and other extended attributes. Active Directory Granular Restore is a special restore option enabled by a policy selection. For supported versions of kpgrade, see the “NetBackup 8.

Each drive model listed in the following table has been tested in Veritas labs to verify that it works with NetBackup correctly, so Veritas netbackkp using only listed drives with the KMS feature.