What will happen to the data that I already uploaded to the service? Post on the Community Support Forums. But I cannot handle the cold. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a serious exercise program and I’ve got no doubt that if I can take it seriously and stick with it fingers crossed, I’m such a slacker then I’ll see some decent results. The Christmas slump is upon me.

nike+ kinect

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And even if a solid basic stamina is needed the extensive amount of exercises and the decent presentation. It’s not fluff like Wii Fit, or Your Shape.

This guy expects you to get things done.

nike+ kinect

See all 12 Critic Reviews. The wide variety of exercises will ensure you don’t get bored.

Nike+ Kinect Training

It also looks to be flexible in terms of how often and on what days you want to exercise. Week One is over. The assessment at the start is a bit of an intense introduction to the program, it came very close to utterly destroying me, but it gives me confidence that it really knows what’s going on.

I found out I am not so bad at the high knee jogging in place and absolutely brutal at dodging a wall of glass and push ups.

New in the Store: Nike+ Kinect Training app

The menus are clean and simple, the feedback is generally good and the corrections when I get things a bit wrong are usually spot on – like telling me I’m leading with the wrong leg. What will your moment be? Chat with an Ambassador. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a serious exercise program and I’ve got no doubt that if I can ,inect it nile+ and stick with it fingers crossed, I’m such a slacker then I’ll see kinct decent results.


The sad thing is that you’ll need a lot of room for this game I, for example, have to move my furniture everyday. After that initial 20 minutes, you can choose whether or not to start your Day one workout or wait until tomorrow.

New in the Store: Nike+ Kinect Training app | Windows Experience Blog

If it doesn’t push me to my limits then how will it know what I can do? Notify me of new posts by email.

nike+ kinect

The trainer showed me the layout of the week and today nile+ cardio. Gina Gardner January 22, at I spent less time exercising than with EA Sports Active in part because here I don’t have to wait for the trainer to finally get readystarted sweating way earlier, felt hot after the exercise longer, and was much more tired in a good way for the rest of the day.

nike+ kinect training review – Will I get fit?

We won’t give up and neither should you. SportsBike+General Cheats: Week 2 Day 2 Strength training just about did me in.


As someone who grew up going hiking and playing baseball but now mostly sits around programming and playing games, this is the first thing I’ve found in a long time that makes me feel like I’m really going to get back into shape.

I completely agree with you about cycling in winter. From there it’s nothing but encouragement, with a recommended workout schedule and exercises. Very happy with this investment.

To protect your privacy, please do not include contact information in your feedback. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. Another fitness-training title for Xbox that won’t give you the right reasons to use again your Kinect device.

For the price of one personal training session, it’s pretty good kiject.

It starts you off with a completely exhausting, but wonderful fitness test that yields a This is so much more than I was expecting. So what are you waiting for? When he asked me if I wanted to add another set of the same exercises, I practically started jumping up and down to get the Kinect to say Nikw+ There are some neat exercises too, like avoiding walls of ice or glass.

nike+ kinect