So can you direct me please to where is the button to start the directions? Unfortunately, there are no more data from the system. But I cannot guarantee anything. Posted April 29, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

nng igo 8 8.3.5

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nng igo 8 8.3.5

I just changed the sys. But cannot get school zones to show up other than a small yellow circle, but triangle or audio beep etc. In any case, nnh at what you uploaded, I see the link is there.

nng igo 8 8.3.5

The license names, the device. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

iGO (software)

Thanks mate, you’re a champion. But I cannot guarantee anything. Said it worked out of the box.

nng igo 8 8.3.5

Sometimes I miss the obvious. But when I use the gj skins, I put the address in, click done and it takes me to the main? I have a x Chinese GPS running 8. Now why didn’t email notification of reply work.


Running on the iGO primo software engine, the refreshed application covers countries with location-based search, green routing and improved junction views. Posted April 25, What maps and system are you using?

I wanted full europe. When I say yellow circies – maybe I need to be more specific.

Unfortunately, there are no more data from the system. It looks like the program is an iGO derived build, yes. I can’t see this green arrow.

My iGO backup – Page 3

It is not a pure iGO. Anybody doing mapchanger on a x Chinese GPS? Brand LG navigation system. The time now is nn Anyway you could try this earlier one or this later one Bazzle.

iGO 8.3.5 download free Multi resolutuion kit

What am I not doing right or is it just a peculiarity to the Chinese system? Sign In Sign Up.

Could you or one of our other resident supermen please help with just the add on bits, shell. Posted April 29, Originally Posted by dubbles. All of those files are already in your 8.35. I have a Chinese 4. If you don’t mind I’ll let you know step I just changed the sys.


iGO download free Multi resolutuion kit – Download free GPS maps

Posted May 25, As NNG is an independent map provider, it works with several map suppliers in different geographical regions. Had initial trouble with speed cameras showing. OK I won’t hack and fiddle this time.