Additionally, Ted DiBiase quit the group after feeling remorse for some of the WCW wrestlers who were victims of nWo assaults he later said in shoot interviews that he was unhappy with Bischoff for replacing him as the spokesperson in the nWo. Mean Gene, the first thing you need to do is to tell these people to shut up if you wanna hear what I gotta say! He later would be accompanied by Midajah to the ring. The Original “Rockhouse” by Frank Shelley was owned by wCw and aquired by WWE in the buyout its fake replacement in some games i think would be due to not have the right legal procedings in place when the games were coming out. Look at all of this crap in this ring! Dillon vacated the title on January 8, on the inaugural episode of Thunder.

nwo theme rockhouse

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Hogan covered Nash for the win and became champion again. Retrieved May 28, Bret Hart defeated Wolfpac member Sting, putting him out of action for about 6 months.

NWO – Rockhouse (Original Theme) by AgEnTKiLLa | Ag En TKi LLa | Free Listening on SoundCloud

As began, the divided nWo factions were rocckhouse by world champion and de facto leader Nash, who was unhappy with Hall’s actions at Starrcade, and Scott Steiner, who had taken over nWo Hollywood following Hogan’s retirement in November.

It was then given to Syxx, and Guerrero began feuding with him. While this was allowed, due to the match rockhoude no disqualification, it also meant that no one was able to stop Hogan and Disciple from doing whatever they wanted to Savage.

Scott later reunited with his brother Rick, who interfered on Scott’s behalf during his match with Bagwell at Slamboree in May Flair declared he would give up all his possessions if he lost. The group dominated WCW programming throughout the lates and continued its domination until the dissolution of WCW induring which time there were several, sometimes rival incarnations of the group.


This led to the nWo starting a segment on Saturday Nightcalled nWo Saturday Nightwhere nWo stable members wrestled local jobbers inside an empty arena.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For two years, I held my head high! Shortly after, Steiner beat him down and threw him out of the rockhoue.

nwo theme rockhouse

Articles with short description. Sting revealed his decision on the following week’s Nitrofooling Hogan into believing that he was going to join his side, then turning on him and tearing off the black and white T-shirt he was wearing to reveal a red and black one underneath.

Rockhuose did continue to make appearances afterward, usually stirring up trouble backstage with Hall as his cohort. Luger, however, issued a challenge for a “winner-take-all” tag team match at Uncensored. July 7, [1]. To date, fellow nWo alumni Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash have joined this faction for occasional matches.

Wrestling Piano Themes – “Rockhouse” (nWo Theme)

The next night, Hogan returned to Nitro and accepted a challenge from Savage for the championship; Nash interfered by hitting a Jacknife Powerbomb on Savage and gave Hogan the victory, but the next week Nash attacked Hogan during a match with Vicious and aligned himself with Vicious gockhouse Rick Steiner.

Inthe nWo had their own pay-per-view called Souled Out. After the match Fheme Rhodeswho had been in the broadcast booth that night and who Zbyszko had asked to come to the ring with him, joined Hall and Spicolli thheme attacking Zbyszko and joined the nWo, where he served as a mentor to Hall. The Outsiders came back into the ring to celebrate with their now-revealed partner as Hogan dropped the leg on the fallen Savage a second time, and after the three men all shook hands Hogan threw the referee from the ring and hit Savage one last time.


nwo theme rockhouse

When Jacob Peeler was hired as receivers coach at the University of Mississippi also known as Ole Miss before the seasonhe sought an identity for his group and came up with “Nasty Wide Outs”, creating a wrestling-style championship belt with the original nWo logo affixed to it.

However, Jarrett also feuded with fellow nWo member Scott Hall after Hall attempted to defeat Vicious and win the title himself. It has been debated whether this injury was legitimate or not. Seconds after tagging in for the first time, Nash tore his quadriceps after delivering a big boot onto Booker T, immediately putting him back on the injured list.

At the same event, after multiple attempts to convince Diamond Dallas Page to join, Hall and Nash attacked Page in his United States Heavyweight Championship tournament final match against Eddie Guerrerocosting him the match. Just after this, a furious Nash charged to the ring to aid the fallen Savage. Hogan and Nash also entered a feud before the end of the summer. The next night on NitroSting chose Nash as his tag team partner and the two began defending the titles.

The nWo logo has even made an appearance in college football. The fourth man for the nWo was indeed the fake Sting, who convinced everyone including the broadcast team that the real Sting was nWo.

nWo Original theme – Rockhouse

Forgot your username or password? Luger appeared sporadically in May and June on Nitro.

nwo theme rockhouse

They were interrupted by Brock Lesnarwho told Hogan, “Party’s over, grandpa”. And what else did I see?