Anyone can download the software from www. Everything should be manageable from this program, although things can be a little confusing. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Although the storage is platform-dependent, all CBVS files can be read by OpendTect, fully transparently across platform boundaries. Enter a name for the service, for example ‘OD-dGB lic man’.

opendtect license file

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For OpendTect version 4.

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Those cards work nicely under Linux, too. On Windows we assume that the survey folder DataRoot is on a central server and the user works from a workstation local host along with some other machines connected to the network which can be used as remote hosts for processing. The structure of the remote host section is like this.

Running OpendTect Table of Contents 5.

opendtect license file

Once you have our key installed, you are ready to verify the packages. Those directories contain an entire OpendTect installation. If you have the GNU debugger installed gdbthen users will be able to send crash reports to opendtect. Sections of this page. This leads us to the thing that needs to be checked, on Unix-based systems.

opendtect license file

This new release of OpendTect includes a large number of new features and improvements, which make OpendTect the first complete, high level, open source seismic interpretation system worldwide, the company says. You can then select the file to use, but that often doesn’t work. These data sets are: The licensing should be per actual user and therefore on the GUI level. The multi-2D work flow can fole applied in faulted areas on 2D and 3D seismic data.


If you want to run OpendTect from another computer, you need to copy the license file to that computer, and use the same utility. So if the survey folder is on the C drive opendtdct the server e.

The only real obstacle in practice would be the access permissions. The user can select one of these setups in OpendTect. Some features of OpendTect, like stereo viewing, are only available if the OpenGL implementation supports it.

Also here the file format is straightforward, for details about what the entries mean exactly, please contact OpendTect support. For license files, additionally the host name will be required, although host names can be changed at any lucense.

PDF 4.6 – OpendTect

Then press ‘Override Path’. Enter a name for the service, for example ‘OD-dGB lic man’. Copy the source to your emulated linux filesystem: The screen-shots below shows the user interface of the Remote Processing Service and its notification icon in the system tray. First Start-Up There are a couple of considerations on first start-up. So when a job is finished on a machine, it will see which machine from the ‘used machines’ list is free most likely the same machine and start the next job on that machine.


Bug fixes or special-purpose updates usually consist of a replacement in this directory. Default available batch programs BatchPrograms 4. So the survey folder now becomes S: This attribute was extracted — 3 crossline positions from the fault plane. You may either choose your download directory or leave the default.

Additional setup may be required, see part of the user environment. If on Unix machines no ‘BatchHosts’ file is present, OpendTect calls the system utilities of the ‘hostent’ sethostent, gethostent, etc. Location of Program data files 4. Default user settings odSettings 4.