Index the source and generate the configuration. What should I do? Do you have similar steps for setting it up in a linux machine running Ubuntu, please? Thanks for the instructions. Jayapal Chandran November 27, at 8: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Open up your command prompt and navigate to your Opengrok directory.

opengrok windows

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opengrok windows

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The indexer sometimes takes a while to finish up on very large projects like the Linux kernel when you run it for the first time on a newly downloaded project. Thanks for the instructions.

Running OpenGrok on Windows | Development world stories

You should finally end up with an Opengrok folder with its subdirectories like so —. Piyush Asutkar July 2, at 9: You can use 7zip to extract the war archive. Open up your windos prompt and navigate to your Opengrok directory. There is no installation to be done here.


opengrok windows

Type in the below command:. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Jayapal Chandran November 27, at 8: This way, it would build up the source folder in the webapps. What should I do? Maybe I can distribute it using my co… twitter.

opengrok windows

As of opengeok writing in Augustversion 1. September 17, at Now in your browser, type in http: Is there a way that opengrok update indexes when ever there is a check-in?

Subsequent indexings should be fairly quick.

AlgoPadawan: Installing OpenGrok on Windows

It is worth noting that source. Hugues Fontenelle September 11, at 2: I hope that this post makes your job a little easier.

This will kick off the indexing job for all the source code items in the directory you specified in the above command. You become a good software developer simply by reading a lot of well written code and writing a lot of code.

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Location to the source being indexed. With Opengrok successfully installed, you can now download the source code of projects that interest you and simply run the indexer on the root folder that houses all your projects.


Email Address never made public. In the example screenshot below, every eligible item under C: Type in the below command: I am also facing exactly the same issue.

Now under the system variables section, press New and add the two new variables. January 30, at June 18, at Pooria Ansari January 31, at 1: Software source code is very non-linear and code components are scattered all over the place.