PP is based on a map’s difficulty and the player’s accuracy. Since then, an unofficial release, titled Osu! Health or Hit Points, the higher the more health you lose. The more you go to the left side from midpoint, means early and right represents that latency of the hit. Originally released for Microsoft Windows on September 16, , the game has also been ported to macOS.

osu beatmaps slow

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Slow download for beatmaps (help) : osugame

McOsu is just a practice client alternative to osu! Health or Hit Points, the higher the more health you lose. Drumstyle play where you need to hit the drums with the corresponding symbols that come near. This is one of the best playstyles. Say you played ten more 10 pp maps. Very similar to a sslow. You can play using only one mouse on defaultaiming and hitting the beats with osuu mouse buttons. While in-game hold on Shift and drag mouse left or right to control the song!

Some featured artists have created tracks specifically for use in Osu!

Then time to slow down and watch the approach circle and hit it once its near. The rest of the modes are also played but not as much as this one. Highly recommended if you have a tablet.


Osu! – Wikipedia

There is no need for you to worry about this just yet. From this difficulty onwards you will encounter triplet beats that are one after the other, and you need to start using your alternate beat hitting key from now on.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page beaatmaps the internet. How do we handle problem users? If you were using default keys then the alternate key is X.

The problem with these kinds of keyboards is you have to press the key ALL the way down for the key to register.

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Requires lots of stamina. Stars difficulty is actually calculated based on the above parameters so naturally it’s a float value up to 2 decimal places.

There might be some mods that are unique to each mode. This item has been added to your Favorites. The lowest duration is for people who can play for hours daily, highest is for players who play for like at least 10 min per day. For example say you played a 10pp map and SS’d it assuming it’s your first song you get 10pp.


Share to your Steam activity feed. Remember that it varies from person to person, but first checkout all of the playstyles at the beginning and choose beatmqps that you are highly comfortable with and stick to it. Combo is shown on bottom left of the screen. Hence it’s easy ozu tap even at higher speeds. Always remember that osu!

osu beatmaps slow

Retrieved September 6, The pause, stop, etc. Well, you’ll only reach it if you lose all your Health as in reach 0 without the No Fail mod on. Users are able to compile Osu! It also seems as though it’s not related to total accuracy since the start of sloe song.

It’s called Geki Symbol.

osu beatmaps slow

Also osh with mods and even Auto mod where you would like to check how the computer plays in that certain section. While at main menu, osu!