You need to place at least one animal bait into it, to get the drops from the animals. Until it is exorcised. A bit of good news: Monkey returned from his long stint in the void. Anyone else having harvestcraft glitches?

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So, I gave him some food, bricks and most of my utensils. Ingredients are formed when combining two or more crops, or ceaft an action, for instance smelting or putting it in a cutting board.

Pam’s HarvestCraft – Feed The Beast Wiki

We have talked about Ground and Water Traps before, they are used to catch fishes and animals. They are also called primary ingredients. One new harfest implemented in Pam’s Harvestcraft to farm meat, are the traps. You could open up a restaurant with the types of food added with this mod. You can also turn on seeds dropping from normal crops in the config file the normal crops will then drop one crop item and seeds.

HarvestCraft Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 (More Foods, Plants, Crops)

By placing flowers close to the machine, the amount of time needed to produce crft items will be slightly reduced. It is crafted by putting a pressure plate below a stone block. If you come across any bug, or want to give feedback, please post on the original post on the Minecraftforum.


My favorite mod for sure!!

Pam’s HarvestCraft

And there are now four varieties of sinks to choose as infinite water sources. This includes fresh milk, soy milk, silken tofu, heavy cream, butter, cheese, ice cream and yogurt. Absolutely awesome mod 1.

A bit of good news: Download Forum Install Guide. So long as the aqueduct blocks are placed in a path, the water will co Want to see more posts tagged pam’s harvestcraft? Here you go, in case you might find it handy! Then you can use it to craft multiple items, such as smoothies and juices. Fresh Milk for example is simply crafted by inserting a bucket full of milk into the crafting grid. Work progresses towards a new kind of flower that eats food for this mana stuff.

Major progress has been made on Botania; I now have mana steel armor and mana tablets. Arid Garden located in deserts, mesas and savannahs, Frost Garden located in tiagas, extreme hills and snow biomes, Soggy Garden located in tiagas and swamps, Shaded Garden located in tiagas and forests, Tropical Garden located in mesas and jungles and Windy Garden located in plains and savannahs.


There will occasionally be hyperactive lions around Fangwild now.

I thought it was just broken. List of Cfaft Crops: Because of the missing resource pack compatibilities, the shaders are adding a nice touch to the game.

Crops in HarvestCraft work by default a bit differently than in vanilla Minecraft. Each one of the items are used for a different purpose. This can be used to craft many other things, such as cheese.

Blueberries are a new type of fruits added by Pam’s Harvest craft Mod. I harevst my crxft by starting to make a rather complicated meal. But with the new food, many of the items will need kitchen utensils and appliances. It is useable for the latest version of Minecraft. Meat is mainly dropped by animals. You need to place at least one animal bait into it, to get the drops from the animals.