They also release their 2nd movie as group which was Eight Ranger, a movie adaptation of the fan-favorite skit during concerts. Haha I completely understand. From a shy quiet kid, he became a cool and confident idol who is still a little bratty though.: I can understand the feeling of wanting to know something because you are going crazy searching for it, I did that too. I did met them after kattun lose koki so yeah..

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I totally changed my opinion on the story, now it seems more carefully orchestrate, even if it’s still a simple light comedy.

Yoko and him are the perfect match Lol. He directs and writes the script of their eight ranger skits in their concerts. I cant find any anywhere T. Every member knows how to play an instrument. He was also the one who suggested to put Tacchon as their drummer too. They werent from a rich family, I read somewhere that he was able to study before only because of a scholarship he got from playing basketball.


But yeah, because of their hardworkthey were able to pull it together. He loves his family so much.

J-Drama-Movie Specialized: [J-Drama] Papa Doru! ()

They are gay…No not really…: I am a hyphen too, Kat-tun was my main fandom. There are many raww that only Kanjani8 can do.

He is kind, caring and cute too. Ariehen Sekai Maru, Yasu, Hina – present: This made it easy! Reply Parent Thread Link. Kanjani8 chronicles – present: I admit, this group gave me happiness. D Maybe fans saw it, how sincere the relationship between this guys are.

papadoru raw

I ship yokohina too so yeah, i was so rqw while watching it too Nice job ppaadoru this post, it’s really wonderful: I loved them all in the dramas I’ve seen. May 9 Nicknames: DD Thank you so much, I feel happy to know that someone appreciated it He talks a lot about them especially before his mom died last Yassan, Yasu, Sho-chan Drama and Movie: Shichinin no Samurai J ke no Hanran May 16 Likes: But now I am currently in love with Yokoyama You.


I can’t say that he is the most matured one in eito but I find him the manliest.

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He had a concert tour last year and currently on solo tour now. Log in No account?

papadoru raw

Baru, chicchai ossan, shibuyan Drama and Movie: Copy paste from Wikipedia again. Kanjani8 is really important to each members because all 7 of them worked hard to get where they are now. They will be responsible for production, from song arrangement and recording, release time, and concert planning.

But he is admirable.