Perhaps you are thinking of the Windows built-in cipher utility which does not have a zero-only option? Now there’s the issue of dynamically allocated virtual disc space. It should start, adjust the IP address to the one of the physical and the P2V should be done. Some people have reported 10 – 40 times longer. Do your P2V as normal to a scratch disk that is big enough to hold all of the data from your physical machine and choose Dynamic for your disk types. Boot into the operating system and defrag your C: Email Required, but never shown.


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Also make sure you use COW Copy on Write style images if you have lots of machines based off the same basic install. Update Sometimes, the GUI tools are not quite as reliable as the command line tools. Use FDISK to delete the current partition and create a new one as above, but select preco,pact.exe default for the end cylinder.

Make sure that you balance memory allocation for both the VPC and the Precompact.eex machine. For the purposes of illustration I logged in and took a screenshot showing a 10GB partition and 27 GB of unallocated space. Make sure you have at least as much free space on your drive where the.


Hyper-V How To: Shrink a VHD File

Finally, after booting the Guest machine, I explore through My Computer and I see the hoped for additional drive as the D: Right-click My Computerand then click Properties. I used the -c switch from the 2nd invocation and this was quite fast syntax only valid for older versions before V1. On the Advanced tab click the Settings button in the Performance section. This should only be used on disks that have been copied from another product.

Compacting .vhd Files

HowtoPerformanceVirtual Machine. I have come up with the following basic PowerShell job.

So the complete command would be: I found a seperate downloadable copy here. This is interesting to know of another tool.


Boot to linux and login as root, then run: Please create an account to get precompadt.exe. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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You can download the Precompact tool here. In my planning for the P2V process I monitored the target servers for 1 month so that I could get an idea of the CPU and memory use, but also the data growth. If you cannot do this, pecompact.exe differencing or undo disk will be twice the size. This is very usable on virtual disk images made by virtual servers. Turning these “deleted files” into zeroes makes the disk space fully reclaimable when you run the shrinking tool.


In my example I copied it to: I used this to reduce the size of the virtual disk from 28 gigabytes down to 13 gigabytes.

After creating new VHD, what do I do with PRECOMPACT D: Drive?

Also run Windows Updates and install all necessary updates. SDelete will not zero out the space for compaction of a virtual disk. Your mileage may precpmpact.exe. Here are the options for VMware Desktop VHDResizer is available here.

Select it and click Open. Now you can compact the. Preston Shirmeyer Preston Shirmeyer 1 2 2 bronze badges. Jim B Jim B For example, if your. Contango Contango 3 3 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges.