I wrote about this also here http: So far, QEMM 8. Basically, it makes programs that load from a CD run faster, among other things. You need an expanded memory card, memory, and a driver made by the manufacturer for the card before you can get this to work. A once popular text mode windowed multitasker and task switcher for DOS. Fri Mar 21, 1: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

qemm 8.03

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There is no material that is knowingly qe,m here. IMHO I think it’s ugly mutant: Basic DesqView system that also uses the X methods to layout the boxes.

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I tried looking into doing this, but struggled to find information about what ranges the hypervisors use. Fri Jul 18, 9: Joined Wed May 01, 4: MagnaRAM was also released as a separate utility.


qemm 8.03

Oh – here’s a guy who also got it running in Qemu with networking: QEMM is well suited for Windows 3. But that may be a case of having my cake and eating it too. Sun Mar 16, 4: You load it, reserve whatever amount of memory you needrun your program and unload it after.

Alternatively, hold F5 so DOS skips loading all of config. Remember that the page frame is 64K of address space that can be used any program, at any time, to access effectively as much memory as it likes.

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The issue is to create a boot that will allow me to play all the games I have installed. Wow, that’s actually pretty fantastic. This site hosts no abandonware. Anyone have any good network experience with QEMU?

Getting old DOS games working on modern hardware. May help while testing new configuration that lead to system lockups.


qemm 8.03

All that is just bleh. EXE at a command prompt to give you the value you need, though. Sun Mar 16, 8: Instead of writing directly to the hard disk, the information to be written would go to MagnaRAM’s own buffer as this was a faster process.

Users browsing this forum: Fri Mar 21, 1: Views Read Edit View history. Manifest now recognizes STB processors.

qemm 8.03

The issue is that EMM Joined Sat Apr 27, 6: Sun Mar 16, Mon May 20, 4: Qdmm versions could not yet create Upper Memory Blocks. It was first release in I really should give QEMU some love.

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