But the truth is, iTel android also have specific key combo for booting into recovery mode which is mostly needed whenever we need to factory reset or hard reset the phone. Thanks Try putting the phone in diag mode If you figure out how to use it for these purposes, PM me. I need , because service programming doesnt work on previous builds for the galaxy s3. How to Create msimage. What am I missing? I got the file but I can’t find the msl.

qpst 2.7 366

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When I try to find the com port in device mgr, I only find an entry under network adapters that says Windows Mobile Based Device-no com port listed.

All I get when scrolling is the qpat y’s. Do you still have issues? It tries to connect to the internet when the program is launched.

Cell Firmware: QPST collection

I am brand new to cell phones so please excuse the very basic questions and problems I am having. I expect this sort of detection when I’m dealing with cracks and keygens but this is just a straight up install. Not sure what goes on in that other forum I got it from so not sure I can post the link I found it on, should be the second one I got from the “Show more sites”.


Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. I’m not sure what made the difference.

RF Calibration – front end calibration. Does anyone have a link to a copy or can you pm me one? Jun 10, 2. comment Guest Facebook Twitter Your name: EDIT I have added 2 more builds to the first post.

I can look around for it. I have a question.

Updated() QPST and QXDM [Archive] – PPCGeeks

Android Apps and Games. Yeah, Im to the point where Im adding the new port. I don’t want the mods having an aneurysm.

qpst 2.7 366

These are the latest I can find at this time. Once you have the drivers installed on PC, then put the phone in DMR mode or whatever is appropriate for your carriers model and attach to usb on pc.

qpst 2.7 366

HDR Power, and another functions are ok. No, create an account now. Mine is giving me an error and saying that the port may be busy or not working properly, any helpp?

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Plug 2.7 phone in and let it stay on AS, fire up DM on the phone diag and wait for the drivers to install by windows or download them if you need, open device manager in windows and find your phone usually under com or serial ports listed as qc diag port or something and find what port it’s listed on, fire up QPST, set it to that port 636 and hit connect and then read.


Sent from an Apple devouring JellyBean. How can I get this software to work with my Touch Pro so I can finish programming it? Bought phone off ebay and was told it was straight talk phone, long story short its not. I figured out that I did not have the phone in DMR mode. All QPST links are warez. Why won’t qpst or the memory debug app work for me if I run it as administrator? Does anyone care about this? Just seems weird that no one cares.

After entering the code press the link below to start file download.