The eountry is to bo divide into districts and sub-districts, and the number of salaried agents to be employed may bo equal to tho number of counties or parishes in all the United States, where the Treed men and refugees are to bo found. Gresham, of Floyd, were nominated. C Slaughter, of Harrison. Now the case is changed, and tome at least of the States are attending Congress by loyal Representatives, soliciting tho allowance of the constitutional right of representa tii n. Valance unpaid od BaDkiog bvase et -.

rcnei volume 2

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rcnei volume 2

An amendment was moved that there bo three from each District. It volkme thought Mriiigetit and extensive enough for tho purpose in view. He is in a portion of the country where his labor cannot well be spared. Resolved, That we have implicit confidence In the intelligence and patiiotisiii of Acting Governor liaker, and we rtjoice that In the absence of Gov. Contents of this issue.

rcnei volume 2

Allen, of Knox, moved to lay the resolution of Mr. Wilson, of Marion; I. McCartyVeachGarbcr Judge Rcnri coved that tho Convention he deemed a llass Convention instead of Delegate.

It is caructtly hoped that instead cf waiting away, they will, by their own efforts, estab ish for themselves a condition of respectability ai d prosperity. L First District Dr.

Resolved, That crnei rigid economy In publio expenditure is absolutely essential to the “maintenance of tha national credit, and that measures of taxation should be so framed that the plighted pnblio faith shall suffer no dishonor, and the publio burden be equally borne by all elassei of the community In proportion to their wealth. Union, by the patriotism and energy of her injured and betrayed people.


Conger, of Shelby; Henry 0.

RECNEI Volume 2 by Damiana Girlene Rodrigues on Prezi

Oyler, of Johnson county, the Seeretarv of the Committee. His condition is not so exposed ns may at first be imagined.

That it is tho province of the lrgiilallt branch of tb Uencral Jovertiintnt to determine tba question of rcoonstrueiion of tha States latel iu rebellion aguicst the t Oovernuiet tj and that, in tha eicrviie of that power, Congress should Isve tn view tbe loyally of Ihe pccple in those Slates, their devotion to tha Constitution, and obedience to the laws; ana until the people ot those States, by their acts prove thi rorelres loyal to the Government, tbey should not be restored to the rights and position trjoyed and occupied by them b fore their rebellion.

If it ha asked whether the creation of such a tribunal within a State is warranted volhme a measure rcbei war, the question immediately presents itself, whether we are still engaged in war. WalIuce, of Montgomery County, as temporary Chairman The nomination was unaniUiouAy ratified, and on ascending the platlorru the General was voluem with aplause.

Keiolved, That the constitutional vokume, “that tbe eitlten of each Slate shall b entitled to all privileges and Immunities of cltliens in tbe several States,” shall be enforced by proper Congrenilonal legislation.

rcnei 1998 volume 2

Orovcr, of Decatur; ‘.: Iwould not interfere with the onquestior able right of Congress to judge, each house for itself, of the election, returns and qualifications of its own members; but that anthor’it cannot be construed as including the right to put out in time of peace any State from the representation to which it is entitled by the Constitution. The institution of slavery, for the military teitruction of which the Frccdmcu’e Bureau was called into existence as an auxiliary, has been already effectually and finally abrogated throughout the whole country by an amendment of the Constitution of the United Slates, und practically its eradication has received the assent and concurrence of most of those States which at any time had existed.


If, on the other hand, ii be found that the property is liablo to confiscation, even then it canuot be appro priated to publio purposes, until, by due J process cf Jaw, it shall have teen ucclareu forfeited by the Government.

Gooding offered a resolution that this Convention is in favor of the immediate admission of nil loyal members of Congreas, irrespective of the States from which they como.

We condense from the Journal the proceedings of the Convention: The report was adopted. The measure, therefore, seems to be as inconsistent with the actual condition of the eountry, as it is at variance. Aaron Gurney, of Porter, and Jas.

rcnei volume 2

Un a call of Districts the following Com’initte was named: J 20 Bonds deposited with Trees, to secure oar escalation Buskiik moved that a committee of one fronrcach Congressional District bo appointed’ to nominate State officers.

The resolution of Judge Kilgorc was almost unanimously laid upon rcjei table, but a rrcnei voices being heard in the negative. If I am correct in these views, there can be no necessity for the enlargement of the powers of the llure. But two voices were heard in tho negative, and the result of the vote was received with salvos of cheers.