Ragnarok Index September 19, at Auto Teleport, auto deal npc to sell items, a command of what to sell and what to store is pre-set already in the bot but u can pm me to customize it to suit your farm style. Thats pretty much the only post half the people will read. Ragnarok Index April 8, at 6: But after minutes their hands start to burn YES. Please do not tell us your password or username or even in game name. Anonymous September 26, at 1:

rebirthro macro

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rebirthro macro

Anonymous July 27, at 7: Making macro is now made easy, even if you don’t know Autohotkey. Anonymous August 21, at 8: Anonymous December 11, at 4: Remember, a legal macro cannot be too long.

You don’t have good enough gear to PvP?

Only your view of it. Triper Moderator Join Date: Anonymous September 16, at Unknown June 23, rebrthro 7: It is as easy as writing down the hotkey name.


Rebirthro Loki corruption

Multiple chain macros, I’m sorry that was a bug. Now I dunno about you, but they’re not fooling me. Can you use bots here?

rebirthro macro

Oh, he knows that there is no argument about that. It’s not just my view, It’s common sense. Ragnarok Index July 12, at 4: A bot like OpenKore actually uses the game files, so is detectable.

Macro Use – General – RebirthRO Forums

That’s like saying, for example It’s like DeuxeVonL said: Thanks for your time. The rules are clear on that too.

Boreas Lighthalzen Researcher Join Date: Try and keep the discussion calm, please. I had seen many other AHK scripts tha Please login or register.

best macro for rebirthro

Macros take input from a single button, and perform a series of predetermined keystrokes or actions. Sheh Messi July 21, at 8: Try to write Autohotkey your own script at https: But after minutes their hands start to burn.


rebirthro macro

This is cool for champion character. Unknown July 17, at Sections de cette Page.

Ragnarok Online – Easy Macro for Dummies – Ultimate Macro 2016

With some evidence nobody can doubt about what you claim that is happening at Loki. Iam just waiting for my turn to be banned because they are banning one person a day from enemies guilds with no proof at all, so my turn will come, ill film jacro and screen and post here. D for a more complicate macro, try Autohotkey.