You can see the yellow advisory indicator on the right of the screen, showing that there is some information about the target distance. From the main window, choose Calibration and hit the Automatic Focus Calibration button. Make sure the camera is turned on and hit the Connect button – you should see some details about the camera displayed on the screen: Focal Length Recommended Minimum Distance 16mm 0. Your camera and the lens you want to calibrate A USB cable to connect your camera to the computer – this is usually supplied with the camera.

reikan focal target

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Look through the viewfinder and approximately line the centre focus point with the centre circle of the target. When using the Aperture Sharpness test, you need to start with the best possible focus. fcal

On Nikon cameras this is handled automatically Ensure Image Stabilisation is disabled if the lens supports it Ensure the focus limiter is not enabled if your lens supports it Recap You should be ready to go now. The best setup is to have the target in a well lit room. If you want more information about installation, head here for Windows or here for Mac reijan instructions.

Any issues are highlighted with a or. Camera is on a sturdy tripod with no battery grip attached USB cable is connected between the camera and the computer The eyepiece of the camera is covered Target is mounted on a flat, vertical wall the correct distance from the camera.

Reian all the equipment in place, you can start the FoCal software see the bottom of reikwn Windows or Mac page if you’re not sure how to start the application. Foczl purpose of the calibration is to make sure that the AF system of your camera and lens is working together perfectly. Target Setup – Focus Controls.


Downloads, Documents and Useful Links

To save any concern over whether your test results are valid, FoCal has a Target Setup utility which checks lots of details about your setup and lets you know if anything needs adjusting. For this, the Target Setup utility has the Focus Controls mode.

To be able to do this, we need the AF system to work to the best of its ability, and for this we need plenty of light on the target. A sturdy tripod A FoCal target – either a Reikab Hard target like the one supplied in the box or available from the FoCal Storeor a target image printed on quality paper.

Target Setup Utility

The results will be shown in the panel on the right, and a live video image will be shown in the main window to help with any position adjustments that might be needed. For all the details take a look at the FoCal reference manual in the Documents Download page. The Calibration rfikan will open, ready to go. To do this, you’ll use the Foocal Setup Tool. Click on any entry to see more information.

You’ll need to attach the target to a flat, vertical wall and aim the camera at the target, so pick a height at which you can easily aim the tripod mounted camera. Check these manually OK Checks passed without issue. When everything is set up correctly there are no or entriesyou can hit the Stop button and close the Target Setup window, confident that everything is set up perfectly for your first calibration.

reikan focal target

The camera should be on a sturdy tripod, aimed at the target at the appropriate distance away. Hit the Start button to begin the check. If you have neither, a piece of dark paper hung over the back of the camera will suffice. Change the value on the camera and hit OK on the computer to continue.


If your camera is a User Assisted Mode camera, you’ll get occasional prompts to change the calibration value on the camera, like this one: Target Setup – Checks.

Reikan FoCal – Target Downloads, Documents and Useful Links

Warning Condition that should be corrected before running tests Advisory Condition reian is unusual and should be checked to ensure it is intended Untested Not all settings can be checked. Any entries marked with a are highlighting things that FoCal cannot check, so just have a quick glance and make sure the listed item is set as it should reeikan in rreikan details.

Click arrow to return to QuickStart Guide. The online Target Distance Tool will help you choose the right distance, but here are some examples for atrget lens focal lengths:. If the camera is too close to the target, the results of the calibration won’t be as good for general shooting. This panel allows control of the camera focus system and driving of the lens, and also reports back relative qualities after each adjustment operation in a simple colour chart so you can determine the best possible focus before starts the Aperture Sharpness test.

Your First Calibration This page will show you what you need to do to run your first calibration.

reikan focal target

Lighting The purpose of the calibration is to make sure that the AF system of your camera and lens is working together perfectly.