The variance of the parameter, , is obtained using the Fisher information matrix. The likelihood ratio test can also be used to test the significance of a number of parameters, , at the same time. For details see [Meeker and Escobar ]. The design and the corresponding life data obtained are shown next. The number of degrees of freedom for this distribution is equal to the difference in the number of parameters between the full and the reduced model. Knowing the pooled standard error the confidence interval on the difference can be calculated. The goal of the experiment is to see if there is a change in life due to change in the levels of the factor.

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The analysis models and calculations are similar to multi-factor R-DOE analysis.

Reliability DOE for Life Tests

The results are obtained by selecting the main effects ddoe the five factors and the interaction. Since represents life data that cannot take negative values, a logarithmic transformation is applied to it.

reliasoft doe

The short duration of the experiment and failure times were probably because the lights were tested under conditions which resulted in stress higher than normal conditions.

The failure of the lights was assumed to follow the lognormal distribution.

Design of Experiments – ReliaSoft

The two equations given above show that for R-DOE analysis of life data that follows the Weibull distribution, the random error terms,will follow the extreme-value distribution and not the normal distribution. In the case of censored data, the analysis has to be carried out using maximum likelihood estimation MLE techniques. If the sample size is not large enough, as in the case of the present example, a difference may be seen in the two values. Since the confidence interval does not include zero it can be concluded that the two levels are significantly different at.


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If the analyst wants to investigate the effect of two factors each at two reliaoft on the life of the product, then the life characteristic equation can be easily expanded as follows:.

Hence, regression techniques are not applicable even if the data is complete. These parameters are shown in the MLE Information table in the analysis results, shown next.

Reliability DOE for Life Tests – ReliaWiki

The standard error for the parameters can be obtained by taking the positive square root of the variance. The statistic corresponding to this difference is:.

Based on the model equations mentioned thus far, the analyst can easily conduct an R-DOE analysis for the lognormally distributed life data using standard regression techniques.

In each of the likelihood functions, is substituted based on the equation for as:.

reliasoft doe

Consider a product whose reliability is thought to be affected by eight potential factors: It is assumed that the relation between life of the product and temperature follows the Arrhenius relation while the relation between life and fan-speed follows the inverse power law relation.

The random error term,is normally distributed because the response,is normally distributed. Assuming that the desired significance is 0. Views Page Discussion View source History. Equating the terms to zero returns the required estimates. The MLE estimates of the effect coefficients corresponding to these factors are, andrespectively. To calculate the dof statistics, the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters must be known.


Recall from Two Level Factorial Experiments that if the factor s affecting the response has only two levels, then the notation of the regression model can be applied to the ANOVA model.

From the previous matrix. Further, the life data obtained may either be complete or censored, and in this reliassoft standard regression techniques applicable to the response data in traditional DOEs can no longer be used.

In such cases, the value from the likelihood ratio test should be given preference. For example, the standard error for is:. However this is no longer true once the data also includes censored observations. Results in the Life Characteristic Summary table, include information about the life characteristic corresponding to each treatment level of the factor.

For each treatment, two lights were tested two replicates with the readings taken every two days. The Weibull reliability equation is:.

The results for other levels can be calculated in a similar manner and are shown in the analysis results. In DFR, reliability analysis is carried out in conjunction with physics of failure and experiment design techniques. File may be more up-to-date. If the null hypothesis,is true then the ratio, rsliasoft, follows the chi-squared distribution with one degree of freedom.