Perrion – “Rollin” feat. We rockin and we rollin. Get hot Perrion Rollin lyrics at Lyrics. I just cant stop to listent to it! Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight: Ben 3 years ago instrumental???? Stimulate my mind with this reefer as I recline Looking for the finer things, I need my money to refine And I can’t never be blinded by love.

rollin perrion

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Pull up in this bitch so fly Bunch of bad shorties But perrio all looking dry A bunch of niggers try to bang shorties but when I step inside Step aside, baby girls can’t deny I don’t even need no jury When I shine check the smile Take a break another day You’re looking sour like a lime I ain’t into smoking Reggie It’s got sour like the lime I got fools on my lever Tell them catch’em like I looked at my car and I said, “Oh brother. Baby don’t stop it.

rollin perrion

Aldren Rariosaa 1 year ago Eminem now this hip hop is good now. We are sorry for inconvenience. The video, which is visually stunning, depicts the Harlem MC skating through the City as he maneuvers through love and mischief alongside Microphone Pre.

Some photos are in Creative commons license from wikimedia. Download Low Quality p. Get this chicken like a frying pan Every girls know demons take a hit And then you passed out Then they get you higher then the stock get you nosed at Take you out of space, everything orllin paced Ease your mind for a minute Now your memory erased I know you can’t front cause the swag on a bill Bitch I had great time even though I keep it chilling That’s real fucking with a dude like me Mami you can never lose, not unless you lose me Rollin I’m in the town, show me whatcha got Cause I could show you, I could show you How to change your frown Put a smile on your face I keep you higher than a bird I take you high into space And we could fly around the town We rockin and we rollin Baby don’t stop it Hitting it till the morning We can get it popping Baby girl we’s on it And we can go on, and on, and on And on and on.



Giovanni Leo 7 months ago I only discovered this song in this year. Like I’m Meyer man Cooking I remember back when it came out, feels like fucking yesterday. Angel Lifelong 3 years ago Shits to tight.

Felipe BRXT 3 years ago just the beggining its cool. From Perry With Love Download HD p HD.

Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Microphone Pre Song Lyrics and Perrion feat. Osman Cea 2 years ago Perry was the shit! The video only adds to Perrion’s lyrical ability to paint a vivid picture for fans as it features some impressive shots of New York scenery including Perrion skating across the Williamsburg Bridge.

Perrion on TIDAL

Download Medium Quality p. Aodhan GK HD 4 months ago oh yes. I only discovered this song in this year. List contains Perrion rollin song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Check more perrion rollin lyrics at Lyrics. Report Us to help fixing errors!


rollin perrion

Get lyrics of Perrion perruon song you love. Ben 3 years ago instrumental???? Stephen Martin 1 year ago Still listening Rollin – Single Lyrics Perrion Feat. I forgot about this for awhile and just stumbled on it again. Homie you can catch me swoopin Bentley coupe and switchin lanes.

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Hitting it till the Harvey Bluntman 3 years ago I forgot about this for awhile and just stumbled on it again. We rockin and we rollin.

rollin perrion

Good pace, good rappers, beautiful beat. Pull up in this bitch so fly