Did you find this information useful? Follow the instructions below to install features. If you require a response, contact support. Use the up and down arrows to arrange profiles in a specific order to automatically connect to a WiFi network. The Administrator Packages are used to save administrative profiles and other settings. Select to enable Microsoft Windows XP as the wireless manager.

s24trans.sys intel pro wireless

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We appreciate all feedback, but cannot reply or give product support. It also includes advanced settings such as power management and channel selection for setting up ad-hoc WiFi networks.

You can also add, edit, and remove profiles from the Profiles list. Click Configure to display the Advanced settings for the adapter.

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Right-click the Wireless Network Connection. Did you find this information useful? If the WiFi connection utility is already installed, you should remove it prior to installation of Novell Client for Windows. Select to exclude networks from automatic connection.


Use the inrel and down arrows to arrange profiles in a specific order to automatically connect to a WiFi network. It is targeted for the home user. Provides functional Wi-Fi connection management, including: Click Profiles on the WiFi connection utility main window.

Intel PROSet

Please do not enter contact information. Follow the instructions wirelese to install features. The Windows operating system now natively supports the functionality.

If the WiFi connection utility is already installed, follow the instructions below to add the Administrator Tool and Pre-logon Connect:.

s24trans.sys intel pro wireless

The Administrator Tool can also be used by an Information Technology department to configure user settings within the WiFi connection utility and to create custom install packages to export to other systems. For more information, See the Administrator Tool section. If the WiFi connection utility is already installed, see the post-installation instructions. When it is run, the contents are installed and configured on the destination computer.

See Administrator Tool Packages. A password should be chosen that is secure and not easily guessed. The following subset of tools is also installed when you install the utility: The Administrator tool is for administrators or the person who has administrator privileges on this computer. See Administrator Tool Application Settings.


To install these features, select Custom during installation. Starting with release version Select to create or edit profiles. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. See Intel R Wireless Troubleshooter for more information. This tool allows the administrator to restrict what level of control the users of this computer have over their wireless connections. Displays version information for the currently installed application components. The Connection Details window displays the current network connection information.

See Application Settings for information.

s24trans.sys intel pro wireless

Fast User Switching is also available on Windows XP Professional if you install it on a stand-alone or workgroup-connected computer.