Attending Bosnian weddings or going to Bosnian taverns, one can see drunk men standing in a circle, arms over each other, faces red, sometimes tears running down their cheeks, singing sevdalinke. Sevdah celebrates tradition with its subject matter as well as costumes. DVD music – Serbian and ex-Yugoslavian Compared to the subject of oppression in American blues, sevdah has no such theme but speaks of love and longing. Game consoles Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo 8.

safet isovic aman bosno moja

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Safet Isovic | Free Music Streaming

Unlike most of his predecessors, Damir ranges in pitch while singing, which gives a modern twist to the traditional vocals. Damir has released two solo albums — one in and another in — that reflect his step towards a more traditional solo performance.

Compared to the subject of oppression in American blues, sevdah has no such dafet but speaks of love and longing. Playstation 3 games Comics by Serbian and Ex-Yu Authors DVD – foreign hosno They created a new form of sevdah: Marmalade of Dreams DVD 3.


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Besides ssfet those all-too-often occasions, professional musicians are evolving the traditional musical genre or are attempting to bring it back to its roots. Notify me of new comments via email. Sevdalinke are also typically performed for groups of people drinking and eating. Email Print Facebook Twitter Tumblr.

safet isovic aman bosno moja

Folk Top DVD 6. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Safet Isovic i Radojka i Tine Zivkovic – Djul Halima

DVD music – Serbian and ex-Yugoslavian Grand Hits 6 DVD 5. Safet won the Golden Microphone award in Yugoslavia as well as 35 silver and gold record awards. Notify me of new posts via email. Proudly powered by WordPress.

safet isovic aman bosno moja

Blues has no such tendencies. Sometimes someone will throw a glass on the floor or against the wall and break it. But this is a sample of the most prominent sevdah performers in the last century. He left textile school and joined Radio Sarajevo when it became operational in DVD – Serbian and ex-Yugoslavian movies I do believe, however, that the modern interpretations of sevdah will entice a younger crowd.


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Folk urnebes DVD 6. It achieved wide praise not only in the Balkans but Western Europe as well. Best selling items Sevdah is part of this and should be preserved.

Joysticks, Gamepads, Wheels CD – foreign releases You are commenting using your Google account. With his clean-cut boyish looks and a voice that is soft yet captivating, Zaim was typically accompanied by an accordion, if not a small orchestra.

safet isovic aman bosno moja

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