Unmasked as an impostor, Principal Skinner flees to Capital City to reclaim his former life as a shiftless good-for-nothing. Homer Simpson Season Premiere — T Maggie squeaks her toy, causing a chain reaction of anger in the family. Meanwhile, the Simpson family hosts an Albanian student who takes a surprising interest in the workings of the nuclear power plant. Bart kicks Maggie’s ball out of sight and she takes off to retrieve it back.

simpsonovi 23x06

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With Smithers’ help, Lisa tracks down the original creator of Malibu Stacy and convinces her to market a new doll that’s a better role model for girls. Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, and his self-serving gift backfires: Special 30 Shut Up, Simpsons T Special 52 Making Of no air date — 25 mins.

simpsonovi 23x06

She wins that battle, but draws the line at censoring Michelangelo’s “David. Special 18 Scary Stories T Alarmed by a soccer riot, Homer buys a handgun.

When she nearly flunks gym class, Lisa is forced to take up a sport. Reluctant participants in the Flanderses’ wholesome family activities, Bart and Lisa become the targets of 223×06 emergency baptism.

The Simpsons All Episodes –

Bart decides to emulate his hero, daredevil Lance Murdoch, and performs increasingly risky stunts on his skateboard. When Lisa get a bad case of the blues, jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy teaches her how to express her feelings through music.


Looking up at them with his stomach full, he groans, “There is no perfect crime. When a three-eyed fish is found in a nearby stream, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant faces bad publicity and fails an inspection.

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Through flashbacks, Homer recalls the dizzying rise and fall of his Beatles-esque barbershop quartet. Meanwhile, Homer goes back to school to make up a missing credit. In an attempt to boost ratings, the Itchy and Scratchy Show adds a new “in-your-face” character voiced by Homer.

Special 13 Bart and Homer’s Dinner T After a reckless Squishee bender with Milhouse, Bart wakes to the shocking realization that he joined the Junior Campers. While researching into Jebediah Simpsobovi past for an essay, Lisa discovers that the town founder wasn’t the hero that everyone thinks he was.

simpsonovi 23x06

Overcompensating for his neglect, Homer buys Zimpsonovi a pony; the high cost of maintaining the animal forces him to work the graveyard shift at the Kwik-E-Mart. Homer tries hypnosis to calm down his crazy kids. Special 58 Access All Areas T Special 12 House of Cards T When Grandpa’s new girlfriend at the Springfield Retirement Castle dies, he inherits her savings and must decide the best ismpsonovi to spend his windfall. When a cat burglar prowls Springfield, Homer forms a citizens’ watch group that winds up breaking more laws than they protect.

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Homer unwisely teases a monkey at the zoo and gets a faceful of poo for his trouble. When her old nemesis Burns spots her and tips off the FBI, she simpsoonovi forced to return to the underground. Homer takes the family to a psychologist. When he finds a new calling as a public safety advocate, he finds himself facing off against Mr.


She’s a natural at hockey, but things get complicated when her team faces off against Bart’s. Mistakenly committed to a mental hospital, Homer meets a tall, stocky white man who claims to be Michael Jackson.

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Bart sets out to prove that Jimbo is not as tough as he seems. At home, Homer corrupts a helper monkey. But when the Flanders buy the Murder House, she realizes she has to tell the truth. After a series of destructive acts, Homer decides that Santa’s Little Helper must go unless he passes obedience school. Bart puts on his own show after Homer tells him to simpsnoovi watching cartoons.

simpsonovi 23x06

After Sideshow Bob escapes from prison, the Springfield Air Show is the setting for his ill-fated vendetta against television and Krusty the Clown.