I know that one leaves the other When times get tough only to get closer. Your sunflower has outside it The hidden engine from within 5 the flower. Toots described them as soundtracks for a film’s opening titles. Because, although he’s modest and doesn’t admit it, Guinga is also a marvelous arranger, who recreates in an absolutely unique way without infringing upon or damaging the original spirit of the songs. Cordas Cruzadas Rob Digital. But he also spends hours upon hours with his guitar, working and reworking musical passages.

songbook aldir blanc

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The music of Guinga is like that, blnc beautiful and profoundly true. But he also spends hours upon hours with his guitar, working and reworking musical passages.

Aldir Blanc – sheet music and tabs

Exaggerating, he says that he learns from us Such a thing with no sense and no measure! While most popular composers are usually associated with specific songs, Guinga established his reputation primarily on his unique sound. Guinga calls it “a samba of completely carioca essence, with the swing of black cariocas and a progressive harmony. He knows Orlando Silva’s repertoire somgbook, he sings with emotion serestas recorded by Augusto Calheiros more than 70 years ago. Over the years, Guinga has been moving away from the suburbs toward the Zona Sul.


Several years ago Dr. On continuity in music I believe only in the artist who has one foot in the future and the other foot in the past. As always, I created lyrics and little stories about what the melodies suggested to me.

songbook aldir blanc

This stood in the way of my progress and visibility in the media. Aongbook music tends to have a vertical structure: This waltz is arranged for guitar and strings in a manner that recalls once again the classic film scores.

Brazil – Brasil – BRAZZIL – Composer Guinga Gets the Spotlight – Brazilian Music – November

Brazilian music, primarily through the influence of choro, has a very highly developed counterpoint. Tastho Guitar Trio with Guinga instrumental.

Guinga’s first disc was created almost wholly in guitar sessions at the home of composer Moacyr Luz. The family lived first in Rio Comprido, then in Copacabana, and now in Leblon.

O Bêbado E a Equilibrista

Brian Lynch Quartet instrumental. My daughter Constance is crazy for Billie Holiday, and from hearing her records so much, I also picked up a passion for her. Elis Regina with Cauby Peixoto. Guinga sings it in Quarteto Maogani’s new disc, Cordas Cruzadas. What hasn’t soongbook through all the geographical moves is the suburban heart of Guinga, who continues to draw on his past for inspiration.

Songbook João Bosco, Vol. 1

Before “Melodia Branca” brings the disc to a close, Guinga sings the slow progressive samba “Orassamba,” which he and Aldir Blanc conceived with the idea of a Rio de Janeiro oppressed by the present. It’s still one of my favorites. Both tunes were arranged by Gilson Peranzzetta for harmonica, piano and strings in “Constance” there’s also bass in a haunting, pensive atmosphere. Listening to choro played exactly as before?


Like Ary Barroso inGuinga was able to marry and establish a household on the proceeds of a single song.

I know that one leaves the other When times get tough only to get closer. Guinga accompanied and actively participated in the entire process of the creation of our second disc, Cordas Cruzadas, contributing from repertoire selection to somgbook elaboration of the arrangements.

songbook aldir blanc

You have to look at art and life. Many are sure to follow. It’s enough if you use everything you have in a progressive manner.

songbook aldir blanc

Last year, in the composers’ competition, many candidates were notably influenced by Guinga. I’m insignificant, Mother, a poor lyricist, I add: But composing was never sufficient to pay the bills, and, says Guinga, “I didn’t want to play other people’s music.