In the games, their personalities are a lot more diverse and they are very similar Sora, Sunao, and Matsuri when they were in school. Edit Synopsis Hashiba Sora has fallen from a 4th story window and has lost all of his memories. All seems normal until Sora notices a child that looks very similar to himself. Sora has spiky blue hair, blue eyes, and is usually easy going, and also loves to eat. Nanami is possibly the most feminine character in Sukisho second most feminine would probably be Ran.

sukisyo sub ita

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Sukisho (TV) – Anime News Network

He is told that Sunao is his childhood friend, but he cannot recall spending his childhood with Sunao. His first major role in voice-over was Spark in the Record of Lodoss War: This game finally wraps up the story between Sora and Sunao and ends their conflict with Professor Aizawa.

Three children who have become attached to Sora, Sunao, and the rest. In the games and novels, he has an obsession with putting pink bows in his hair. After episode 3, they are never seen apart and seem to act identical for most of the series except in episode 13, the OVA. It seeks to tell a sweeping story of man’s inhumanity to man, the way religion can be used to shape society an He married Chie Sawaguchi in and have two children.


As Minato, he is very flirtatious and will attempt to force people into sex often Sora or Nanami.

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!! (Sukisho) –

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Nanami has brown shoulder length hair may be slightly longer and blue eyes. Login or Register forgot it? He didn’t receive any major injuries, but he has lost some of his memories in the process.

Also, obtaining all the CGs rewards the player with a special ending involving bandits, and most recently A spin off of the Sukisho games. Aizawa struggled with psychological issues, unable to function properly in public, and had issues handling his emotions.

He is a professor at the university which Sunao attends after the games, and the chemistry department advisor. Yu Kobayashi as Kitamura Fuuta child. Sora and Sunao rarely like any of Matsuri’s ideas, but the pair tends to go along with Matsuri despite that.

sukisyo sub ita

The alternate personalities’ passionate relationship is a far cry from the hostility and distrust between Sora and Sunao. He is the son of Sumisyo Nojima and is the younger brother of Hirofumi Nojima.

sukisyo sub ita

Takeshi Kino eps Sora can’t remember his past and at first doesn’t know he has an alternate personality named Yoru. Even Sora begins to notice that something odd about his connection to Sunao and the relationship between their alternate personalities Yoru and Ran.

Kenji Nojima as Hano Yoshihiro. Zexcs is also known for its work in cooperation with another animation company called Feel.


On top of that, the spirit of a hospitalized schoolmate possesses Sunao and confesses his love for him.

While he seems harmless, he begins to spend more time with Sora. Kadokawa Dwango franchises Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese novels Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field fro You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register.

He brings always with him a pink rabbit and does ventriloquism with it to his adopted child, Kano-kun seemingly a bit unexpressive and shy enough.

Sukisho (TV)

After falling out of a 4th story window, Hashiba Sora has lost his memory. Registering is freeeasyand private. He already knows about Sunao’s connection with his alternate personality Ran, but could that mean he has his own alternate personality as well?

sukisyo sub ita

When Fujimori Sunao comes to his school as his new room mate, Fujimori tells Hashiba that he ifa called Ran. Kitamura does not really resemble anyone, but fans have said he somewhat resembles Sunao due to his hot pink hair. All seems normal until Sora notices a child that looks very similar to himself.