Deleting the event on the N correctly deleted all instances of it on google calendar. You can view all the available databases with the follow command: Maemo Software Xx entries can be found here: As synchronization always happens between a pair of databases, a database has two sides. Related videos My Home Network Solution: So from syncevolution upwards a mi of pas should be. Syncevolution works well with google for me, but not with funambol.

syncevolution n900

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Send a private message to pinsh. Last edited by chemist; at Well, my contribute stops here as I simply tried to solve shell errors but never used syncevolution, sorry!

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[HOWTO] Sync N and Google Calendars using Syncevolution – – Talk

So I started looking syncevolutlon alternatives. Page 1 of Scheduling After that initial sync, you can run ssyncevolution normal sync at anytime: The documentation is removed automatically by the OS during ne.

Download syncevolution for N by adding the following repo: Originally Posted by paai Can you, or somebody else syncevolutioj that this will work syncevoluton a local Linux PC without a detour in the cloud, before I go to the trouble of installing that stuff?


Hello Unregistered, You are required to be in the Developer group to start new threads in these categories. Find all posts by p. Maemo Software Xx entries can be found here: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Let me know if you have any problems or find out how to get SSL working correctly. For some reason or another I always get confused when I read about syncevolution, syncml and similar.

Find all posts by liedekef. Nokia mi is a phenomenal amie voyage provided to all Nokia pas. Deleting the event on the N correctly deleted all instances of it on google calendar. Your email address will not be published.

Find all posts by djdas. Page History Login to edit. Find all posts by paai. I have updated it and re-sync’d my contacts I only use it for thatand worked OK I did not expect syncefolution, to say the truth For now I’ll continue using erminig-NG for the calendar, but when I have some time to experiment I’ll try syncevolution.

syncevolution n900

Synchronize evolution-data calendars, contacts, todo etc. Send a private message to benny So from syncevolution upwards a mi of pas should be.



synvevolution The events from my domino server didn’t go into my N calendar. But what I find is syncing with some remote cloud service like Google, Funambol or so. For those who find editing of configuration files too complex, please consider using the IMHO much simpler command line invocations.

YMMV and you may want different configuration for your additional calendars, but this should give you some examples for how to configure additional calendars.

How to synchronize your Nokia N900’s calendar with a caldav back end

When I try to install with apt-get install syncevolution I get an error: Send a private message to djdas. For now, SSL certificate verification is disabled, which opens the doors to MITM attacks and synchronization should only be performed from trusted networks.

syncevolution n900

I quickly realized that CalDAV would be the better long-term option. Send a private message to liedekef.