I’m Just Sayin I’ll Make U You Copying Me Woah! I know they hate it Here go my motivation! Thirty-five, forty-five, fifty-five, sixty-five, seventy-five, eighty-five, ninety-five Hunnit percent I pray for this shit Cause I know there’s a door to be opened, And this crack right here

t-pain prevolver mixtape

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t-pain prevolver mixtape

What’s The Bidness Hit Em Wit It muxtape She be giving him mo head Origin partners with her and her co-ed’s But I’m a go head Put this muthafuckin’ revolver too your forehead I’m a make ya love me! Now We doing this mixtape man at this show Na Hoes And Ladies 5.

And I’m only saying, Everybody on the beat wanna know my name Motivated Mixtape Throw me in a cage with a lion and a bear I’m a kill ’em That motivation ain’t lyin’ I swear, I’m a nigga’ I got my ear to the streets, back to the bullshit I’m triyin to eat, I’m on my full shit! Out The Hood So Much Pain Man I got way to many calls To let the hatin’ prevolverr to me, Especially when I know you ain’t gone Bring the shit to me, So on and so forth, I’m so preevolver and so forceful, Young fire kick drums, Leave a print of a horse shoe, Everywhere I go my shit getting played cause, I ain’t in the hood, Cause I stay in the Rave clubs, Keep using them big words that I don’t understand, I take it as disrespect then turn your face to a cave cause, Now that’s stupid from a compo aspect, But so is rollin up weed in my published sen cheques, You don’t think nappy boy is prevolfer clique, Or t-pain is the shit, You must be snorting on some fucking anthrax, Now that’s old school white shit, My tongue wearing skinny jeans, My flow on that tight shit, Love from a nigga is the only thing I might get, Everything else I got if not I’ll buy it, now try this If you a dog Then I’m a Beast And the beat goes!

Money On The Floor Hit Em Wit It Boom! Take it off Yeah Thirty-five, forty-five, fifty-five, sixty-five, seventy-five, eighty-five, ninety-five Hunnit percent Welcome Home Yo And that was Prevolver ladies and gentleman Hm-mm Okay Aye Thank you for listening; now I must get it in I can’t leave rap alone I’m not finished bitch These cudos try to take away my spinach shit But my New York niggaz steady tell me get it kid You know I’m with it kid Put in my blood and sweat for you Now I’m holly and debt for you Prevolevr mad respect for you And if you can’t respect that I’m Charlie Murphy on these niggaz ‘take this check back’ Robbin’ niggaz faces like I’m Beautiful girls around the world like I’m B.

t-pain prevolver mixtape

Let me get you motivated! You know me i gotta peek see i shawty givin my titys and all you gotta do is prsvolver another man beetin my bitch back in Roller coaster love overdoser She put it on me now how am I suppose too Deal with it Ah, look at him pulling his back and look at him back it up look at him still hit it Naw!


I’m so considerate I never quit a bitch noooo No matter how many niggas hit or how many dicks she licked I please that clitoris I give her a kiss and shit When other niggas midtape stay long enough they get the digits and SPLIT!

I’m with my dogs fuck us Naw nigga fuck ya’ll and the beat goes I know they hate it Let’s get you motivated Let me get you motivated, Ripping that track is more insane, Prevolvwr you wanna talk that issues, Do that issues, make a statement!

Ask me, I’m mixatpe boss and my mind frame agrees with me agrees with me If I ain’t clicked up then I got two of these with me these with me Four loco make a load of three ginnies three ginnies Ridin’ solo slow as sparkin a green Bentleys Bentleys Bitch bitch this ain’t no game preovlver I’m playin Understand what I’m sayin leave you layin in the sand Keep my dick up out’cha mouth and do the sayin with my name Chevy and them thangs swerving lanes and lanes SEE MEH!

Leggo Leggo Somebody goin get it Summited young track Hit em with it I take my shirt off and all the hoes just scream I thank I’m Juiceman rocking all 6 Rings Pull up on your board with the trunk just beating Like what is ‘s compared to ‘s Jewelry all black, charm is canary My ring finger blinking like I’m getting married Neck full of chumps, arm full of karats Got my shit on every Tom Dick and Harry When I hit the club you know that they goin grill So I mash out on sumthing I know that they goin feel I’m swagged out it’s nothing I know that I’m goin drill Cause my bankrollers like park over ya own wheels Wanna be down like a flat tire blow Gotta have mouth like a dragon, fire blow And it’s a rap for you t-paib, gyro I’m going out with a bang, pyro C’mon You Copying Me 6.

t-pain prevolver mixtape

What’s The Bidness Mixtpae Got my hand on her leg and she ready to come home with me-e-e-e-e But t-apin gotta be straight let a nigga come see-e-e-e-e How many friends does she come with, how many fine, how many pre-e-e-e-ty How many gonna be the party movers, how many gonna preevolver getting fre-e-e-e-ky-ky Prfvolver giving me the winking in her eye, she be telling me yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah She really don’t even know what I’m working with but I’m a take her there-there-there-there-there So what’s the bidness, shawty let me y-pain I’m a get on the dance floor follow me if you wanna roll-ol-ol-ol-ol Let’s do something bad something that’s you always wanted to do Another shot of ooh yeah, yeah get’chu hotter And I think I got a chance of going home with you if you be Money Dance Right off top money go in the air And she said it didn’t matter if it go in her hair If your shoes cost a thousand then I’m blowing a pair I throw five over here and throw the rest over there Yeah, homie I done got my own shit Rollin’ through your stop signs where you going bitch Holla at my nigga Boogie and Brownsville Like I done turn my New York accent Ahhhh shit!

I Might Have To Go I pray for this shit Cause I know there’s a door to be opened, Mlxtape this crack right here What’s the deally son, really son It’s the nigga Teddy Pain illy son, feel me son That’s all I’m hearing when I come to the east Plus I got the beast mixtxpe when it comes to the beast Young Fyre, Bishop Jones and especially me I cook anything that come to me especially beef Check the 6th and 7th letter of the alphabet and trust me dawg You don’t wanna F with a G If you get money like this Throw a couple racks in the sky like this Tpain thang up pop a bottle like this Now errbody stop Keep It Coming Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day, you got Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day, you got Uh Pizzle!


Young Fyre Over the guts Let’s go in brah Yo Suicide doors, naw that was last year Got suicide hoes butt-naked under my cashmere Drinking full throttle, pulling half a gear Two-wheel drive on these niggas, Cavalier Wait till I crank it up, wait till I spazz hard They ain’t nobody goin accept ya like a MasterCard Now ain’t that bizarre, you say you from the hood But nobody believe you so you try to pour the basket guard Naw that shit prfvolver work in this society The game got potential but it’s lacking the variety Fans getting bored they don’t even t-ain buy CD’s Nigglas ain’t selling so they blaming it on piracy Argh!

T-Pain – PrEVOLVEr (Official Mixtape) –

Please no hate, I pay no money, The same time I’m give it back! Teddy Propane pane lyrical cocaine Custom made outfit yeah flyer than four planes whoo How could you deny the genius of my work edit damn Cause all you crazy ass niggas that need to work at it yeah I need to take my medication on the daily basics I got some shit inside of me and I can’t wait to say it Cause I’m a lose alot of friends in the process But this the ones that been fucking up all my progress But I digress and you die slow I ain’t ate enough rappers I need my five mo But before I style on em let me cover up Cause I don’t want no rap stains on my button butt 8.

I’ll Make U Yeah Shoulda never call me your daddy Got a nigga looks up all happy Got me feeling like a nightmare Yeah Shoulda never call me your baby Shawty nigga runnin’ round like crazy It’s about to be a nightmare I’m Just Sayin Click Just leave me the fuck alone And somebody better put million on my fuckin phone And then he said ‘naw this is what I’m bout to do Have everybody copping you, yasimelike’ Woah!