Maybe which is why when asked to recall any songs from JJPB, general public will struggle to name more than one or two. Being from the new generation, I was so glad to realise that I knew almost each song that is mentioned on the page. C Ramchandra 2 Shri About the methodology, I do not see this exercise as a first past the post election. As opposed to it, Pakeezah had both, popularity and class. He uses the same song in the voice of Geeta Dutt who was capable of singing for two entirely different situations ā€” one deeply spiritual and the other racy night clubs or party dancing. I would have to go back to YouTube to refresh my memory.

tangawali 1955 mp3 songs

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CR could compose an album in a month compared to Naushad taking a whole year but I think the comparison ends there.

Dilip Kumar wanted Talat to be his playback. You have done a commendable job with your research and write-up! You have poured your heart out. All of these movies, had every song that can qualify to be a winner in a different category.

List of songs recorded by Mohammed Rafi (Dā€“F)

Which sonbs there are gaps in and Naushad 6 Jhanak jhank payal baje: Naushad by this time was so competent that perhaps he could compose such pleasant tunes in his sleep. I am left with no heart for choosing one from these!!??


The list is obviously not exhaustive, but seeks to include all noteworthy songs. A mesmerising haunting Lata solo.

tangawali 1955 mp3 songs

This Email ID is already registered. A fantastic song and looks to me a precursor to the qawwali duet in Mughal-e-AzamTeri mehfil me qismat azma kar hum bhi dekhenge.

tangawali 1955 mp3 songs

I hope there is time for the nominations for the lyrics. Input is not an international phone number! S D Burman ā€” House no 44 3. Trust me Seema is only very slightly behind and trailing really hot on the heels of Shri Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

Each of the score is a masterpiece of the musical rainbow [where one sees some ultraviolet and some infra red as well!! Some more Filmfare Awards trivia. Kavi Pradeep has a very special niche in film music. I am a music lover and very profound listener of the old songs of Lata Dee, Osngs Saheb, 1955 all others.

Kitna Haseen Hai Mausam is such a song where listening to Chitalkar and Lata gives the impression as if they are the lead actors, not playback singers, of the movie. And many thanks for the link of the original bengali version of Rimjhim jhimjhim jhim badarwa barse. But after much deliberation I could come to the above conclusion. Are you sure you want to omit him altogether?


Now about the shortlist. Songs of Yore Awards for for music ssongs It makes one somewhat sad at the end of a great era.

Tangawali Hindi Mp3 Songs Free Download Kuttyweb

A forgotten gem, waiting to be stumbled upon, dusted off and cherished forever. CR proved this literally with Azaad. The fact that a stupendous hit like Azaad may not make it to some shortlists is making the discussion quite interesting.

Sorry I missed out reading your response. Rimjhim jhimjhim jhim badarwa barse by Lata Mangeshkar from Tangewali A precursor to the more famous Hemant Kumar-Lata Mangeshkar duet which Salil Choudhary would compose a year later for the film Parivarbased on the prelude music of this song.

But this apology post shall be incomplete without thanking You and contributers like: This is one of the most memorable songs of Pradeep.

Chand madham hai asman chup hai by Lata Mangeshkar from Railway Platformlyrics Sahir Ludhiyanvi, music Madan Mohan About the methodology, I do not see this exercise as a first past the post election.