Navigator is considerably cheaper than a dedicated in-car unit and just as powerful, and is a superb solution for those with an existing Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device. Switch to Threaded Mode. Somewhere in the deep South. If there are newer versions, because you splurge install the first version for PPC!?!?!? Originally Posted by tobeychris Actually TomTom Navigator v7 is designed for Windows Mobie 6.

tomtom navigator 7.9

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If your Pocket PC has a built-in phone e. Switch to Threaded Mode.

Your location is shown as a blue arrowhead and as you drive on, the map adjusts to your direction of travel with your position maintained at its centre. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. This post has been thanked 2 times.

When you deviate onto your preferred route, the problem can be further compounded by TomTom stubbornly persisting in finding ways to take you back to its original route rather than accommodating your deviation. Someone has mentioned that the voice issue could be to do with gps lag. TomTom sell a number of other voices tomhom their site, which you can purchase, download, then install.

WINDOWS TomTom for PC – WinCE Emulator – Page 2

Navigator is available either as a software package, or as a bundle with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and car cradle. Originally Posted by lxcivic4life Works great, but can anyone tell me how to disable my phone from turning on the data connection when I start TomTom?

Usefully, you can select the closest amenity and quickly get TomTom to take you there from your current location. If you’re still having problems, try experimenting with other device types and serial ports until you find something that works perhaps COM3 Still having problems? All times are GMT Even when told to take the fastest route, TomTom can insist that you follow sections on major roads that you know will be slow and congested in preference to motorway routes that you know will be faster.


There’s a small selection of voices that can be purchased TomTom’s site, including an excellent John Cleese. Can you please edit your post and remove the links – that goes for anyone else who may have quoted BICEP We have enough issues at the moment with providing roms etc – links like these is just what the “law” wants Appreciate if it is a mistake but that mistake could have been rectified by editing the post a while back.

Touch Diamond2, Pure Themes and Apps.

TomTom Navigator 7.9 with v 8.15 Maps 🙂

TomTom is a strangely inappropriate name for an in-car navigation system. If not, you may be able to connect your Pocket PC to a mobile phone using either Navlgator or Infrared. Somewhere in the deep South. We encourage all of our visitors to register and to become a part of this great community with over 70, threads and a million posts.

tomtom navigator 7.9

Topsy is also a better match for the Navigator’s female persona who keeps you on track by delivering excellent spoken instructions in a clear and confident manner. We’ve discovered that tomrom some cases you may need to disable Infrared first, as this has been known to “steal” the COM port setting.

tomtom navigator 7.9

See our Travel page for information on mobile traffic and travel news. TomTom 79 Developer Portal. For each product that TomTom distributes, TomTom provides source attribution, where applicable. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. These need to be manually copied to the same Pocket PC folder as the one that holds the Navigator map files which are called cline, cnode, cname, etc.


Stay in one place, and watch the bars, as this provides feedback on which satellites it can see, and how solid the lock is. Originally Posted by stevedog1.

Also, if you are navigating to a point close to a map boundary where the major roads snake over the boundary, you end up with bizarre driving instructions! A new version, Tomhom 7, was released by TomTom.

This post has been thanked 18 times. Even using 32MB segments, a trip from London to Liverpool say requires that you plan two routes and reload maps during your journey. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device.

tomtom navigator 7.9

As an example, we’ve installed John Cleese, and our ‘voices’ folder contains data While you’re moving, navigafor display gives you distance to the next turn, your current speed, arrival time, how long it’ll be before you reach the destination, the name of the next road, details of the GPS signal you’re receiving, and icons to indicate any overlays such as petrol stations and railway stations on the way.