All graders viewed images for the study on a glossy monitor manufactured by Apple, Inc. There are 1 items available. One of the authors JC created all the mosaics, documenting whether at least two individual photographs were stitched together and also whether all the individual photographs in the set had been incorporated into the mosaic. Focusing is just as easily accomplished by aligned the two split lines of the focusing bar. When compared with published studies, these parameters were significantly larger than Caucasians, but similar to African individuals. Results for each grader are shown separately, grouped by program left to right , in each dataset the bars represent graders A, B, and C.

topcon imagenet 2000 software

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We used a competitive ranking system in this study, which did not allow ties, and therefore we cannot sofftware information on the magnitude of difference between the three programs.

Images that could not be stitched into a mosaic by sodtware program, but could be by another, were automatically given the lowest ranking. In this study, we evaluated the specific features that play a role in determining the quality of a mosaic retinal image. Our comprehensive approach to the buying and selling of diagnostic, surgical and refractive equipment elevates our company in this industry.

Topcon TRC-NW6S Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

KhouriNone; T. This is a tremendous benefit when dealing with elderly patients, with asymmetric pupils or when the patient is taking certain medications.


topcon imagenet 2000 software

Figures 3 and 4 show examples of the photographic features. Since each grader also determined the presence or absence of each feature of interest, we calculated the correlation coefficient for each eye—grader combination. Max WS Xenon lamp ; adjustable in 21 steps.

topcon imagenet 2000 software

Further investigation is necessary to determine whether our findings can be generalized to retinal diseases other than CMV retinitis. The graders were also invited to make comments about individual mosaics. As an ancillary study, we evaluated three commercially available autophotomontage software programs using digital fundus photographs of eyes with CMV retinitis. We used a likelihood ratio to assess whether there was a significant difference in the frequency of each photographic feature between the three programs.

Photographic mosaics were graded for duplicated vessels, vessel breaks, misplaced images, relative blurriness, and overall quality. Automated retinal image analysis over the Internet.

This site uses cookies. In addition, the desired thumbnail displays and fixation point selections can be quickly chosen. Intrarater reliability was higher for graders A and B than for grader C Table 1.

Illuminated Operation Panel The illuminated operation panel facilitates operation in dimly lighted environments. To determine whether missing individual images i. We performed descriptive statistics for each software program separately for each grader. A mean of nine fundus photographs were taken for each eye range, 8— This helps the operator by automatically adjusting the exposure to the necessary intensity for properly illuminated images.

topcon imagenet 2000 software

This combination assures fast and precise image acquisition, ImageNet Lite Efficient basic to comprehensive date management can be achieved with Topcon’s Imagenet family of software products. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Each of the photographic features documented by the three graders duplicated vessels, vessel breaks, misplaced images, relative blurriness, and overall quality was significantly associated with a program being ranked as inferior, with vessel breaks having a weaker association than the other errors.


In the absence of any association, the expected average of these correlations is 0. Established optical performance and advanced digital imaging capability meet various clinical need.

Perhaps in this location the breaks were not visually distracting and did not interfere with assessment of pathology. Focusing is just as easily accomplished by aligned the two split lines of the imagene bar. Patient’s Diopter Correction Range.

Comparison of Autophotomontage Software Programs in Eyes with CMV Retinitis | IOVS | ARVO Journals

Well organized operation panel allows immediate access to all controls. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.

When this overall hypothesis test was correct, we further examined pairwise contrasts. The i2k Retina program was most toopcon ranked first compared to the other two programs. Interval estimation of the kappa coefficient with binary classification and an equal marginal probability model. Images that were considered to be ungradable were not assessed further.