If you’re doing mass production, make the pattern a little oversize from card stock and mark the tube with white auto primer spray paint. He has a page last updated listing suppliers, other framebuilders and frame painters and his projects. This is no longer available online, but Terry also the originator of the Warm Showers hospitality network can be found with a Web search. I then grind until the pencil mark is just a hairline all the way around. Dan Hopper has written a little DOS program that’s slightly similar to the coping calculator. We’re assuming that’s because you want to print something big. If you’ve been paying attention, this will sound repetitive, but before you complain to me about the size being wrong, make sure you have “none” selected under “page scaling” in the Acrobat print dialog.

tubemiter program

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tubemiter program

We really want to solicit your feedback What is your primary metalwork interest? Zimmermann’s sizing site is interesting because he uses many famous methods and compares the results.

tubemiter program

Gusset Contact Length on Tube 2 mm: Here pfogram the text file Giles wrote to go along with Tubemiter. For really big pipe, you might want to use a cutting torch, but most of the time I just use a chop saw to get it close and then an angle grinder to finish it up.


tubemiter program

Tubemitr Stay Material Thickness: The result is a plot of the miter line as shown to the right. At this time, for this tool, we are only creating templates for the round tube. Here’s how simple it is to use: Sheldon Brown’s article on saddle adjustment.

Tabbed TubeNotcher Pattern Creation Tool

There is another version of this script that should scale the page size to the pattern size. To print, choose Print from the File menu. This is to make things line up more naturally with the rest of your design. Aerospace Composite Products sounds like some huge conglomerate, but is really a small, friendly dealer of composites for the radio controlled airplane folks.

Gusset Contact Length on Tube 1 mm: Accessories Bicycles Parts Specials Tools. Good pictures of jigs and other tools.

There is a framebuilders’ Google groupwhere framebuilders converse about their craft. Bike Machinerylike Marchetti, makes tooling for large scale production. It may not work for everyone, so use at your own risk.

TubeMiter for Mac – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Hopefully this stuff helps. Don’t try to cut through to the backside of the tube.


Cut Tube Minor Axis O. Templates for square tubing are possible, but very difficult to implement as the corner radiuses may not be consistent from supplier to supplier. If the mitered tube diameter is greater than the second diameter, then the second tube passes through two holes in the mitered tube. His composite bicycle ; the university program, more recently. Sometimes, I find I need to specify a wall thickness that’s actually a tad smaller than it is in reality.

You can create your own thru tube holes this way. Henry James lugs, crowns, tubing, jigs. Currently out of print but available used. File to the curved line. Tubemitee tools is set up for an incremental build process. Donations If you feel so inclined, you can help me pay for the web hosting of this site right here.

Multiple Feeds to Sharp Cone Decorative? Anvil Bike Works makes custom frames, and also sells jigs, a tubing bender and other tools for frame builders.