IPv6 users, see below. The following are some descriptions of modules shipped with UnrealIRCd. If this exists it will override the default auto join channel. For example, you may want to require exactly 8 a’s, or at least 8 a’s, or between 3 and 5 a’s. This may be encrypted in the same manner as oper:: Stay up to date. Configuration file explained

unrealircd 3.2.9

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If you are still running UnrealIRCd 3.

unrealircd 3.2.9

If you thinking about writing UnrealIRCd modules or already have some experience with it, have a look at the development documentation wiki.

The two methods differ with regard to “back references,” which will be explained later. No further action is taken, the message is not blocked. Bans on cloaked IPs require some explanation: Then, in your unrealircd. You can config it in your set:: Exception ban — If someone matches this, they can join a channel even if they match an existing ban.

The format works like:.

unrealircd 3.2.9

The development version was previously called 3. The list below shows all of the available character classes and what they do: Others can be extremely slow, take several seconds to execute, and could freeze the IRCd. If you are concerned about security you should be! Not all modes can be set using this command.


If a user has identified to services usually NickServ and matches this nickname, then this ban will match. To view this documentation you must have a compatible browser, which are listed below. Nurealircd you for example run http, dns, smtp and ftp servers on the same box you have a much higher risk.

When used on a user it will 3.2.99 you class and lag info.

UnrealIRCd – The most widely deployed IRC server – UnrealIRCd

If you want to match a letter, simply do “[a-z]” since Unreal is case insensitive, this will match all letters. Example 1, for people of western europe: Especially the remove-mode times are a matter of taste.

UnrealIRCd survey – give your feedback! To make things even more simple, there are several “character classes” that may be used unreaircd a bracket expression.

UnrealIRCd Forums

The mode takes a parameter of the form X: Bans an IP Address from the local server it is issued on not global. Anti-flood features — 3. Most nets have a hub server, what some people seem to forget is that it’s quite easy unralircd protect the hub server from getting attacked.


Time Synchronization — 3. Channel mode f Instead of using scripts and bots to protect against channel floods it is now build into the ircd.

Index of /irc/ircd/unreal

It also fixes a few issues on Windows and improves the crash reporter. Now if you wanted to make the set statements separate, say you wanted to set your options in a single line.

If the entire expression evaluates to true, then the link is denied. Summary of the new features and fixes: Sends a PING request to a user.

The purpose of this survey is to give us a good idea of how people think about UnrealIRCd, how it’s being used, and – even more important – in what areas we should improve. To have it match a literal – the easiest way is to place it as either the first or last character in the expression.