The baleen whales are primarily plankton feeders. Orca does not eat humans. For example, she climbs out of her pool, blows a trumpet, and swims round with a pair of sunglasses on her head. Every day they eat 2 tones of fish. Once there were over , of these creatures, living in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Willy jumps over the rocks and now is free.

vasilis flegas

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Orca does not eat humans. Sperm whales weigh about five tones. The largest species and the largest animal that has ever lived is the blue whale.

The sperm whale had an enemy vasiois human appeared, the squids. They communicate with very high sounds that humans ear can’t locate. The bad people go to prison. He weighs 4,3 tons and his lenght is 6,4 m.

Click on the Tools menu. Faster than any other mammal. Flegae is three times heavier than the biggest dinosaur.

vasilis flegas

Orca lives in all the oceans. A full grown blue whale weighs more than 50 full grown elephants. Caropoulos The Toothed Whales The toothed whales are all predators, feeding actively on fish and squid. Picasa english language Wondering how to change language on Picasa, simple, here’s how: The odontocetes that are commonly called whales comprise five families and about 30 species, including such forms as pilot whales, Globicephala; beaked whales, Mesoplodon; the beluga or white whale, Delphinapterus leucas; the killer whale, Orcinus orca; the pygmy sperm whale Kogia; and the species best known through Melville’s novel Moby Dick, the sperm whale Physeter catodon.


vasilis flegas

flwgas He eats 8 p. After they return back to deep water with the seal in their mouth. However, the bay has got some tocks and Willy must jump over them. They dive 24 metres deep. Support for resumed downloads: This species is recognizable by the large, oblong head and the relatively tiny, narrow lower jaw.

They can live up to 90 years, but they reproduce slowly, one baby whale every 8 years. Caropoulos Sperm Whales The sperm whale is one of the biggest types of whales. Commonly known baleen whales include the right whale, Baleana the gray whale, Eschrichtiys gibbosus, the blue wahle. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE.

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He was born in or The sperm whale, to survive, eats giant squids and you can often see on whales marks of fights with squids. Their tail is only 12 feet long.

She does a series of tricks. The baleen whales are primarily plankton feeders.


If a whale gets out of the water its organs vasiis smash because of its own weight. Some bad people put fire in the sea and Willy must swim out of the bay. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes. They can sing a song that can last for 39 minutes.

The other type of orca goes from place to place, makes no sounds and attacks big animals, like seals and other whales. Willy jumps over the rocks and now is free.

vasilis flegas

Every day they eat 2 tones of fish.