Wrong error message displayed when trying to enter a non-ASCII name for the destination virtual machine When you create an conversion task in the Converter Standalone wizard and type a name for the destination virtual machine that consists of non-ASCII characters, the following error message might appear: What to do next You can now use the remote Converter Standalone server to set up and manage conversion tasks. If Converter Standalone 4. If the intended destination is a Workstation virtual machine, this completes the process. This issue occurs because of a problem with Microsoft sysprep, which deletes the drive letter mappings, preventing access to certain files.

vmware vcenter converter standalone 4.3

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Limitation on source disk size missing from the Converter Standalone 4.

Wait for the task to complete before selecting Copy as New in its pop-up menu. The source virtual machine does not vmwwre the appropriate drivers The following error message appears in the log file when reconfiguration fails because the appropriate drivers are missing from the source operating system: Converter does not report all disks and volumes present on the system while converting a powered-on source machine running Windows operating system This issue is caused by a bug in Microsoft APIs that Convertet uses to query devices.

If you plan to convert convwrter powered-on machine by using IPv6, ensure that Converter Standalone server is installed on Windows Vista, Windowsor Windows 7 operating system. The Converter Standalone 4. Subsequent P2V conversions of remote source machines that run bit Windows Vista or later might fail after a successful conversion If you convert successfully a remote source machine that runs bit Windows Vista, Windows Serveror Windows 7 operating system and then try converting it again, the conversion fails with vcfnter error message Converter Standalone Agent installation failed on x.


VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Release Notes

Local cloning of powered-on virtual machines that run on Hyper-V servers might fail If you install Converter Standalone on a virtual machine that runs on a Hyper-V server and you try to convert that virtual machine as a powered-on source, the conversion task might fail with the following error message: Unable to create a VSS snapshot of the source volume s. The reason for this is that the default settings in Internet Explorer 7 do not allow JavaScript code to run in the browser.

Page 80 VMware vCenter Converter Standalone User’s Guide Specify the Windows License Information on page 81 Ensure that you enter licensing information for all destination virtual machines running guest operating systems as necessary.

You must uninstall Converter Standalone 4. Browse to the Temp folder of the current user for example, C: What’s in the Release Notes These release notes cover the following topics: You can change the time zone of the destination vmwars manually after the conversion task completes. Converter Standalone remote agent does not notify the user about Converter 3.

vmware vcenter converter standalone 4.3

Prerequisites On the Source System page of the Configuration wizard, select VMware Infrastructure virtual machine as the configuration source and click Next to proceed to the Source Machine page. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Print page 1 Print document 96 pages.

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Introduction to Converter Standalone 4. Verify that the source virtual machine is powered off prior to conversion. This is due to incompatibility issues between the display driver used in the Linux guest and the display adapter of the destination VMware virtual machine.

Convertsr Save the Sysprep files that correspond to the source operating system to the specified location on the machine where Converter Standalone server runs. Customization is not applied if a virtual machine is manually restarted after running the configuration task The process for customization occurs as follows:.


VMware vCenter Converter Standalone released | UP2V

If Converter Standalone 4. One of the following error messages appears in the Converter Standalone server log file: Virtual machines created from Acronis images that have dynamic volumes do not start up after the conversion Some Acronis True Image images of Windows Vista, Windows Serveror Cconverter 7 are not correctly configured and do not start up after the conversion.

vmware vcenter converter standalone 4.3

Source volumes on top of volume managers other than LVM are not recognized during conversion of powered-on Linux machines Converter Standalone recognizes only managed source volumes that run on the LVM volume manager. Converter Standalone remote agent does not notify the user about uninstalling previous Converter 3.

vmware vcenter converter standalone 4.3

Configure The Conversion Task This process is the first transfer of data. It can be downloaded from the Download VMware vCenter Converter Standalone web page while clicking the appropriate links and buttons. standalons

To check for more recent editions of this document, see http: Converter Standalone provides a task manager for managing migrations and configurations for a single conversion. Restart the conversion wizard. Depending on your virtual environment, you can choose to use hot or cold cloning.

Virtual machines converted from Parallels 4. Conversion of a powered-on Windows Server source with non-formatted volume fails You cannot convert powered-on source machines running Windows Server if their volumes haven’t been formatted.