To this end, the proposal lays the foundations for a comprehensive and effective risk-communication strategy to ensure that, whether the message comes from the Commission, EFSA or Member States, it will be clear, comprehensive and consistent. Meaningful reform would be undermined if MEPs vote tomorrow to allow industrial secrecy to trump transparency. Ik hoor het ook van gedeputeerden uit Nederland en ik zal ze dan ook graag naar u doorverwijzen, want het moet eenvoudiger worden. This disclosure of studies is also closely linked with two other measures in our proposal: The main one, of course, is the activity of the cosmic rays, this atomised cosmic dust and, where our atmosphere condenses against it, cloud cover. I strongly believe that Parliament can be a key partner in developing the next steps.

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welles nietes lied

The natural flow and uninterrupted development of the AABA Song Form lends itself beautifully to one of the following formulas:. Kies een perspectief ik, jij, een buitenstaander die alles vanop een afstand bekijkt, … van waaruit je je verhaal vertelt. Verses and choruses can be any length, however, most are four, eight, twelve, sixteen, or twenty-four bars long.

welles nietes lied

These evaluations concluded that Bulgaria and Romania had fulfilled the relevant criteria for full accession. Fourth, as your report makes clear, EU policymaking on culture is better if it is backed by providing financial support to the cultural and creative sectors.

Ik moet u de vele burgerinitiatieven rond bijvoorbeeld het gebrek van plantenbeschermingsmiddelen niet in herinnering brengen om die diepe bezorgdheid onder de burgers over dit onderwerp te illustreren. This is why agencies like the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training are so important.

Just last week we celebrated the week of lifelong learning, and I want to highlight the opportunities for early school leavers to benefit from digital education. Therefore, in order to feed into the process, Parliament needs to adopt its resolution beforehand.


With the future Digital Europe programme, in turn, we plan to support the deployment of digital capabilities in schools, and the future Erasmus programme will support schools, universities and other educational organisations in their digital transformation. Ein altes indianisches Sprichwort sagt: No basta con un simple manual de apoyo, como hay en la actualidad, y esta es una oportunidad para solucionarlo y que no se repitan alarmas sociales como las que hemos tenido en el pasado.

Ringrazio quindi di cuore il collega Rolin, relatore, e gli altri colleghi con i quali, da ormai oltre un anno, lavoriamo alla revisione di questa direttiva e auspico che anche per la terza e ultima parte lo stesso equilibrio e la stessa ambizione dimostrata fino ad oggi vengano mantenuti.

Omtzigt-gate | What happened to flight MH17?

Maintaining the competitiveness of our EU food industry is extremely important for workers, farmers and citizens alike, and so we should ensure balance in imposing such an obligation.

Je droomt wel vaker van een feest maar hier ben je nog nooit geweest Iedereen kijkt naar voetbal en een vent zeurt aan je kop. Achter die ellende kunnen we met deze wetgeving nu een punt zetten. Ich erinnere mich noch sehr gut daran, wie wir damals diese Lebensmittelbasisverordnung auf den Weg gebracht haben.

To conclude, I would like to thank you again for this constructive discussion. Wij moeten ervoor zorgen dat die impact minimaal is. The second amendment will send a good message to citizens and will set the regular updating process of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive on track for the years to come. Il Parlamento respinge la richiesta di modifica presentata dal gruppo ECR.


En votant demain, ce sont des milliers de vies que vous we,les sauver. It would not permit a real scientific debate between different views, but would lead to more political controversies — and we have had too many of those recently. We therefore need a new approach that will increase the number of high—quality applications coming from all corners of the EU.


Commission Statement in writing The Commission regrets that the co-legislators have decided to deviate on several points from the Common Approach of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission on decentralised agencies of 19 Julywithout providing the necessary justification.

Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, Member of the Commission. Devices have entirely changed not only the way we communicate but also the way we consume information and form our opinions. Transparency has also been improved, with new rules on preventing and lier conflicts of interests at all levels. Nous allons voter directement. The title of the song is usually included in the chorus as well as the main theme. The Commission needs to adopt delegated acts by the end of the next year to further specify military requirements and to list priority dual-use wellfs projects.

Cinque vincitori del premio Sacharov hanno ricevuto anche il premio Leid per la pace e proprio oggi, a Oslo, Denis Mukwege e Nadia Murad hanno ricevuto questo prestigioso riconoscimento.

It is inspiring to see that we oied all working towards the same objectives.

Link Here Comic Vuilen Er Version

League tables were produced. Nee, deze EU is opgebouwd voor grote bedrijven en voor bankiers. I welcome the emphasis on comparative studies, as I believe that these studies are particularly useful and encourage Member States to share better practices. It presents the listener with a change in mood in the song, often using contrasting melody, lyrics and chords.