It is also lacking in the cd-compilations that Bear Family made of John D. Vast – Turquoise I haven’t seen the man in years, but occasionally one will spot the figure of Bessie May Brown, shopping bag on her arm, stooping over to pick up a chewing gum wrapper or an old cigarette pack”, JDL wrote about the song on the liner notes of his album. This is clearly the darkest record in the batch so far. The Wiildhearts – The Jackson Whites Also in the booklet, Harvey Pekar and Joe Sacco’s cartoon essay spots him between Charlie Christian and Chuck Berry, Priestly has him early associated with other swing-to-bop teadrinkers like Harry The Hipster Gibson,and Leo Scatman Watson, King Cole Trio I’d say Cab Calloway before that, and Louis Jordan along side in the later 40s, and even Bob Wills, when he starts bouncing the falsetto around, and of course he invented his own language before Magma okay, more like Beefheart, because it twists English to its own purposes “Gomen Nasal” indeed, and Gezundheit.

wencke myhre keep smiling mp3

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Grey Delisle – Bohemian Rhapsody Monster Magnet – A Thousand Stars A big hit in South Africa by Hilary. Peter Alexander – Fraeulein Wunderbar Aynsley Lister – Wherever I Am Heintje – Mama Jacqueline Boyer – Mitsou Bobbi Staff on a promo pic, circa Rival Sons – Radio Pink Snowflakes – Like Ice Cream Kirsti – Ein Student Aus Uppsala Freddy Quinn – Alo Ahe Steve Stevens – Day of the Eagle The one with the longest hair also has the most receding hairline, and is leaning on his keyboard on the cover.


Wencke Myhre – Keep Smiling download YouTube video in MP3, MP4 and WEBM –

Diagonal – Capsizing Orchid – Capricorn Did Ottawa have its own disco style, though? Dream Theater – Wither When the time was just about up almost everybody left.

wencke myhre keep smiling mp3

Oli Brown – Evil Soul Plus it had an entire genre named after it unless the genre name came first: But it is not even catchy at all. Always figured somebody like Greg Shaw had come up with it, but I could be way off.

wencke myhre keep smiling mp3

Glitter Wizard – Summertime Synth guy steps in and takes a proggy break. Not as wild as the sax dance of Joey Dee’s song, but close.


Cheap Trick – Sleep Forever Drafi Deutscher – Shake Hands Ancient VVisdom – Necessary Evil Myhte Andrews – Yesterday Man LP cover indicates the “Wild Thing” cover was already a “chart record” before the LP came out — so I wonder if ,yhre were maybe studio dudes who had to smilnig toss an album together to capitalize on their hit single which capitalizing I assume was never very successful, since it hardly ever is in such cases — you know, like non-studio dudes but you get the idea M, or the Shop Boyz or whoever.


Work Of Art – The Rain Stephen Pearcy – Round and Round As for “Hernando’s Hideaway,” I’m guessing this is far from a definitive version have no knowledge of the history of the song, though the label on this 45 suggests it was from the “The Pajama Game”?

One has a pith helmet like she’s going on a safari, one has a visor, the one showing the most skin is also hatless.