Create a script to add a new SNMP password to a device. To modify an existing system script: The following are required software framework and support packages:. Refer to the Installing and Configuring WhatsUp Gold guide for details about installation, upgrade, repair, and uninstall. You can choose to repeat step 3 of the policy at a regular interval until the notification is stopped.

whatsup gold 16.3

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Release Notes for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v16.3

Corrected an issue preventing end users from backing up devices in WhatsConfigured following upgrade. Create a script to upload a startup config for a device in order to reboot that device.

whatsup gold 16.3

The Select Threshold Type dialog appears. Also, please consult Microsoft guidelines for the SQL Server database edition that best fits your requirements.

Click OK to save the template. Select an existing template, golv click Export to save the script to another location. In order for disk thresholds to work, you must have enabled the Disk Utilization performance monitor for the devices for which you want collect disk data.

Release Notes for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold v16.3 Service Pack 2

Following are information resources for WhatsUp Gold. Corrected an issue in which the ‘Message’ column of the State Change Timeline was not wyatsup displaying double byte characters when using a Chinese operating system.


Click New to configure a new configuration template. All currently configured E-mail actions are listed in the Notification Library.

Configuring system scripts

Corrected an issue preventing users, other than the admin user, from applying bulk field changes to device groups. Ipsactive application can crash if the ‘Help us to improve WhatsUp Gold Not required for download installations. Corrected an issue which caused dashboard views, containing summary count dashboard reports, to run very slowly on systems monitoring a large number of devices.

You cannot modify the template Name. Because an E-mail action already exists, the first thing Nick must do to configure alerts for his Disk Utilization performance monitors is create a notification policy. Local accounts with credentials that match remote accounts are no longer required to monitor remote servers. Credentials must have administrative permissions on the remote server. For this example, Nick selects his storage servers.

whatsup gold 16.3

Select an existing template, then click Edit to modify a template. By default, the threshold applies to all devices where the applicable monitor is enabled.

Click Select Device to select a device from which to choose the config file upon which you are basing this template.


whatsup gold 16.3

In this example, you create performance thresholds and configure the notifications and notification policy to notify you when disk thresholds are reached or exceeded. To access the Template Library: To configure a new template: Select Automatically resolve items no longer out of threshold to automatically resolve items when they go back inside the parameters of the threshold. Refer to the Installing and Configuring WhatsUp Gold guide for details about installation, upgrade, repair, and uninstall.

Hardware requirements vary depending on the WhatsUp Gold configuration. To configure a notification policy: Select Performance Diskthen click OK.

Corrected an issue causing an error to be generated if the start and end times selected wgatsup identical when exporting the Quarterly Availability Summary report 16.3 PDF with live links. WhatsUp Gold version Credentials must have administrative permissions on 16.3 remote server. Enter a Description for the script.