Jaymod has many other features too, but i could be hear all day telling you about them i just pointed out a few that stick out to me. I have yet to visit any castles, foil any supernatural plots or shoot anything non-human in ET! First, Wikipedia is not a collection of links. That link has no place here maybe it has a place on the german wiki, but most visitors here can’t even read the link: We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. I have now timed it with a stopwatch and it’s definitely closer to four seconds than five seconds.

wolfenstein et jaymod

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wolfenstein et jaymod

Wolfenetein this post Link to post Share on other sites. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google. To my understanding it used quite advanced detections for cheats and could catch most nowadays undetected cheats.

IMHO if you are going to include the et-pro mod link here then you should also include other major mods and mod sources like the bot community http: For instance, I’ve played ET since it was launched and I have never seen anyone use the term “h3rtillery. Second, it is Wikipedia policy to not include fan links or, when necessary, include at most one or two. Just set the “-1” to “2”.


Changing these settings can make your server more or less fun. In any case, I’ve now tried to edit the Cheats section into some sembience of accuracy. Then after two people if you are running a real server choose medic it will grey out and no one will be able to choose it until those people are done being medics. I also described the changes jyamod cleaned up the comparison to Battlefield 2. X clan members are banned from our servers.

wolfenstein et jaymod

Where can I order this game? Allowing one link to an ET community opens the floodgates to tens of community sites. Here is the default version of the “level.

I haven’t seen any evidence, though, that cheating is “particularly present” in ET, or indeed that it is a significent problem on any of the major public, PB-protected servers at all. I cleaned up the links again. I have now timed it with a stopwatch and it’s definitely closer to four seconds than five seconds. Why does enemy territory fortress direct here without a single word about the mod?

There were about links to sites with tutorials and such like was mentioned above. Add file RSS Files. Then add the code below to each map.

ET: Legacy Development

Start a server as normal see the top of this tutorial. View All Top Mods. I think some unofficial sites might be warrented but I would want to discuss them here first. I think we could condense it to just the official links, and maybe something like Planet Wolfenstein.


First, Wikipedia is not a collection of links. I hear rumours all time at there i new mod. It has to be turned on after Jaymod is running.

Instead, you can limit each type of heavy weapon individually: You will see a confusing wolfnstein full of settings.

You can set it back to normal by putting “0” for these two cvars in the next map’s config. Open it with Notepad right click on it and select Notepad from the available programs.

Downloads – ET Mods – JAYMOD FULL

For example, non-medics with level 4 in medic experience will still have an adrenaline shot. If I hear about a potentially interesting program, I check wikipedia for some info on it and a good place to download it google also works but will probably return a lot of file-mirrors that are just crappy. Cool thanks for getting back so quickly keMoN. Sucking no quater mod!