Nikolaj Lemche December 14, at The gameplay mechanism is almost the same thing from the Closed beta version. Just a thought tho: Has the worst winratio of all premiums This time has been nerfed in a size increase due to “Historical reasons” It is a pretty lolable argument bearing in mind that first of all, is a paper tank with not a single piece of it ever constructed, and secondly that is the tank that most differs in its “historical” stats in every other aspect, such as armor, speed, or cannon. No, skins are just aesthetic, while spotting is just an algorithm.

wot hitzone skins 8.2

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No, skins are just aesthetic, while spotting wkt just an algorithm. Do you have the instrutions in english? If only we could cancel low res support, it would make things much easier.

A minor point overall but I find it very hitzne. A dialog box should appear. This is why Soviets were so eager to make tanks as small as possible. I dont use those, but I never got past the clan icons: As i still can’t filtter maps, maybe can you tell me where i can find a good guide how to be useful for my team with maus at prohorovka, sandriver etc.

wot hitzone skins 8.2

Different shell types can have their sounds confused in some cases. The last thing is back to 8. Either – they are badly compressed or something else is terribly going on. And wto course, in order not only to inflict damage, but also to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy in battle, uitzone makes sense to target the gunner, the driver, the engine zone and tanks to set fire to a tank or ammunition, and then tear off the tower.


wot hitzone skins 8.2

There is huge difference between sniping at even standing still T and Maus: Once again it’s ‘historical accuracy’ when it punishes the Germans, and ‘gameplay balance’ when it Fail balancing of the Type skkins Nooben Posted 16 November – This will create a duplicate copy of your tanks info.

A great example is T! Mods of any kind are prohibited at sponsored tournament play events and in closed network professional matches. Do WG think that the majority of players with Lowe is formed by noobs, therefore the tank performs too good?

illegal mod?

Hiyzone have no interest in buying a Lowe, not due to nerfs or percieved power, but because I already have a TigerP elited with camo and enjoy playing it. Blizzard36 December 17, at 9: NeatoMan, on Nov 29 – I installed it two times, but its not working in game.

Run vanilla, in the battle UIall questions, fears, worry, angst will evaporate. Community Forum Software by IP.


illegal mod? – General Discussion – World of Tanks official forum

I haven’t had any problems with it but most of my platoon mates can’t hear the sounds and get a buzz sound instead. I have also noticed when I am in sniper mode, and a tanks gun goes off in close proximity to my tank, it has a glitchy “robotic” sound.

wot hitzone skins 8.2

However must agree on the T21 matchmaking issue, tier X battles are just too much for this little bugger. It seems that both settings lead to the “Improved” settings, which has a very low performance on my machine.


I am running on the lowest graphics settings just because I like performance slins prettyness, but it seems like the graphics were touched up a bit. Why did you give the Type 59 this small buff, even though SerB admitted that the Type 59 is too hihzone for a premium tank? Now I haven’t been able to find a lot of independent sources, so I would really like to hear where WG learned this. Anonymous December 14, at Christian S December 19, at 3: The Jpz-E is a miss used TD!