SpottyWot is excited by the idea of being underwater and the WotWots prepare their Spaceship to go into the sea. The WotWots find that lots of animals have bright red fur or feathers. On setting out to track down the animal that has made them, the WotWots have great fun learning that different animals make different ‘ploppy-plops’. Can the WotWots use the wind as well? In the first episode, the WotWots learn about elephants and how they use their trunks, which SpottyWot is surprised to discover aren’t actually floppy ears.

wotwots episodes

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The WotWots are surprised to hiccup some bubbles when they finish their loopy fruity drinks. DottyWot, the smart and responsible ship’s captain, spends most of her time supervising her more boisterous, fun-loving brother SpottyWot, the ship’s engineer and a talented artist. The WotWots love to dance but their new routine is missing something.

The WotWots are playing hide and seek, wohwots when SpottyWot uses the Dpisodes to look for his sister he spots an amazing new animal instead. But then she find a scarecrow who doesn’t get her jokes.

The WotWots

The WotWots think they hear a new WotWot calling their name. She head out into the zoo with her brother to look for any animals as fluffy and white as the clouds. When he’s told it’s not an animal he’s disappointed – until he finds another digger.

In addition, selected episodes from the show’s first season are currently available on Netflix in the United States and episodes can be seen online on Pluto TV ‘s Kids TV channel ch. He decides instead to draw his own monster out of many animal parts, which leads the twins to discover the similarly ancient tuatara lizard.


Add Image S1, Ep On a search for more cloudlike things in the zoo, they learn about the episodee fluffy fur of the polar bear. Much to SpottyWot’s disappointment, even after doing extra stretching exercises he turns out to be exactly the same height as his sister.

DottyWot tries to help, but it’s hard to do ‘hold your breath and count to ten’ when you only have three digits on each hand. In this episode, a chase around the farm sees the two stumbling upon a sheepdog helping a farmer herd his sheep, which gives DottyWot an idea about how cleaning up could be turned into a game. DottyWot’s chair needs fixing but her brother keeps losing his spanner. SpottyWot’s chair has a cold, and the coughs and episoded are giving him a hard ride.

In fact, maybe it’s a WotWot tail?.

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eppisodes The WotWots are playing a guessing game with their fluffy antennae – will they be up or will they be down? DottyWot helps her brother who has got a case of the hiccups. They’re even more surprised to find others are blowing bubbles too.

wotwots episodes

The WotWots draw imaginary animals with mixed up heads, bodies and legs. They decide to find an animal who might like to join in.

The Wotwots

March 23, [3]. SpottyWot spots what he thinks is a creature with hundreds of eyes watching the WotWots’ ship, and hurries to tell his sister. The show features a pair of tiny, young alien twin siblings who spend their days exploring the environment where their steam-powered spaceship has landed, in an effort both to learn more about Earth fauna and to try to determine what they themselves will grow up to look like. SpottyWot spots a creature with hundreds of eyes and hurries to tell his sister.


Then he sees the fastest animal in the zoo and decides the key to speed lies in the colour of your spots. Out and about after a storm, the WotWots see a rainbow and wonder if it might be an upside-down smile, especially after they encounter the great big golden ‘smile’ pattern on a sun bear’s fur.

The WotWots see a kite flying in the wind. The WotWots go on a hunt for what they think is a giant banana, but it turns out to be something very different.

wotwots episodes

They set out to find this extraordinary monster—which turns out to be not at all what they expected. DottyWot finds a pony in the farm stable and really wants a pony ride – will she find a way to have one?

SpottyWot is enthralled when he spies a surfer riding the waves. Audible Download Audio Books. The WotWots see a kite flying at the beach.