Power Fins Baseball Training Aids. Cost of Insurance continued. The fixed account is part of our general account. Distributions from a Policy that is not a MEC are generally treated first as a recovery of your investment in the Policy, and as taxable income after the recovery of all investment in the Policy. We may modify, suspend, or discontinue dollar cost averaging at any time. Seeks total return by investing in securities that have defensive characteristics.

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This will depend on a number of factors, but is more likely if: The provisions of the Policy and any attached endorsement or rider will be interpreted to ensure such qualification, regardless of any language to the contrary.

Very happy with the programmer, very user friendly. The net premiums will remain in the reallocation account until the reallocation date. The maximum loan interest spread on preferred loans is 0. Before you take a cash withdrawal or a loan or decrease the specified amount or add, increase or decrease a rider, you should consider carefully the effect it will have on the no lapse period guarantee.

The limitation percentage and the net single premium for riders under the cash value accumulation test are calculated as specified under Section Seeks to achieve long-term capital growth and current income with a secondary objective of capital preservation, by balancing investments among stocks, bonds, and cash or cash equivalents.

xelerator 3.0

You may start and stop participation in the asset rebalancing program at any time; but we restrict your right to re-enter the program to once each Policy year. Xelerator is an incredible program that can speed up or slow down the speed of … Posted by John Hall Buy now: A surrender is effective as xelerahor the date when we receive your written request.


We will determine any interest rate credited in excess of the guaranteed rate at our sole discretion. On the Policy date, or the reallocation date, if different, the fixed account value is equal to the cash value allocated to the fixed account. The tax consequences of adding this rider to an existing Policy or requesting payment under the rider are uncertain and you should consult a tax advisor before doing so.

You may need to pay additional premiums to keep the Policy in force. We reserve the right to make other structural and operational changes affecting the separate account. Policy Changes After Age NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation. The investment results of the portfolios, however, may be higher or lower than those of such other portfolios.

Van Kampen Asset Management Inc. We also charge interest on Policy loans at an effective annual rate of 2.

xelerator 3.0

You must select one of the three death benefit options we offer in your application. If you change from Option A to either Option B or Option C, the Inflation Fighter Rider will terminate and future scheduled increases in specified amount will automatically cease. Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. Western Reserve therefore takes no responsibility for the investment allocations and transfers transacted on your behalf by such third parties or any investment allocation recommendations made by such parties.

As a courtesy, you will receive a notice of the date and amount of each scheduled increase from us on or prior to each anniversary. You can obtain more information about these riders by contacting your registered representative.


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However, you greatly increase your risk of lapse if you do not regularly pay premiums at xeleratir as large as the current minimum monthly guarantee premium. If you wish to make payments by wire transfer, you should contact our Call Center at for instructions on wiring federal funds to us.

The death benefit is determined at the end of the valuation period in which the insured dies. Decreases in specified amount may cause the Policy to drop into a lower band of specified amount and may result in an increase in the rates for the cost of insurance charge and per unit charges.

I currently own this programmer and it is set on stage two.

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An EGT exhaust gas temperature probe is recommended for all applications with performance modifications such as this. This maximum charge may also apply to insureds with other characteristics. You should consult a tax advisor about the consequences of adding this rider to your Policy, or requesting a single-sum payment. We will make the transfer at the end of the valuation date on which we receive the written request.

Seeks growth of capital.