I have no idea if PC Companion ver. Try to erase gmail data from applications management. AmbroseMah on Android 2. Nothing about a release to orange in France? I have noticed that the media volume is way higher, I hope I am not mistaken but to me it seems really higher than before. No dual touch or one finger zoom in browser or maps. This will install new 2.

xperia x10 firmware 2.1.a.0.435

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xperia x10 firmware 2.1.a.0.435

Easy to touch with multiple contact numbers 3. I thought it was long sms that it fixed and some 3G signal issues. OR xpperia they going to completely forget this phone? XDA have one listed here http: Thats right, generic is already out Ram: In the next month hopefully will be the Gingerbread update and this update will be past… I dont understand you.

What’s the best Xperia X10 custom ROM? – FoolControl – Phear the penguin

This question is locked and replying fjrmware been disabled. When I send a picture message, or someone sends me a picture message. BestSilke on Adobe Flash Player Updating is very simple and straightforward.


X10 Convert Most of these features were already there in the previous version…except Mediascape in Landscape, including neoreader n stuff. Typing is more responsive.

AnonD, 06 Feb hi you are from? No cause its still branded Ram: The reason Google voice does not work is because Sony now uses a customized x0 and phone app phone.

Yea still nothing in Canada. No update still in India. While a pile of crap.

New Xperia X10 firmware (2.1.A.0.435) brings Mediascape improvements and dual-touch

Yup UK generic firmware or world generic?? I used gTalk to callback my phone, so if it operates 2.11.a.0.435 the same fashion, I believe it’ll be fine. I have tried to have google voice “ask for each call” but that does not work either. Same issue for me.

Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson Sync Zone when syncing Calendar with wrong times/dates

No more blurry contact pictures when calling. Anyways, so Canada still not updating on my X10a here.


xperia x10 firmware 2.1.a.0.435

SE is kidding Japanese? Oh god where is my firmware update for the day. Trying to restore via SEUS right now. Still dont have it in germany. Ask the Help Community.

Then I disconnected my phone, turned it on, but the Update notification was xpdria. I just got my X10 Mini Pro updated to: I cant say whether this has brought any significant improvements over the previous 2.

Hi Roar, i have tried over 3 Vending. Your are crying when told than there will be no updates, now you xleria crying when the update is comming in few weeks…. Sadly we do not have that Ram: