Since herself Rita Ora is a fan of sports apparel, we believe that this cooperation will reap great success. Ne kete drejtim, ajo ka bere te ditur se ka perfunduar xhirimet e klipit te saj me te ri qe titullohet “Ma ngat”, ndersa fotoja qe po shihni tregon se sa joshese do te duket ajo ne nje pjese te ketij klipi. Jam martuar, mezi pres te behem nene! Dy vajzat jane perzgjedhur te prezantojne spektaklin “Dancing With The Stars” Erla Mehilli, nuk i ndahet Berishes, e viziton edhe te zyra e re Kastriot Islami e mban veten ne forme me sport Vildane Zeneli, pervecse modele, tani edhe kengetare Leonora vanitoze, “make up” gjate gjithe spektaklit Adelina Tahiri, nuk ambientohet dot me gjoksin e madh Noizy prek fansat, koncert bamiresie per te shpetuar jeten e nje vajze Presidentja e Kosoves, Jahjaga, vishet nga stilistja Rugova Demokratet s’shkojne ne Parlament, por rrine bashke ne kafe Arben Ristani, i vetmi qe perdore xhinse ne seancat parlamentare Jehona Sopi i rikthehet skenes, kendon ne fushaten e LDK-se Elia Zaharia, ne aktivitete zyrtare, veshjet nga stilistet shqiptare Timo Flloko dhe Mevlan Shanaj after te ave, por nuk dine te plaken. The pas is a voyage of operating revenue and net pas that 48 ne and Over the si years ending Xx 30 in andVoyage.

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Dafina travels to New York demah meet boyfriend Seven Saraqi: Franceska Jace, seductive on the cover of the Magazine “Kosovarja”.

Inis nominated for “Cult Awards” and brings in a theater a comedy.

Qeveria e re po na jep shume material per humor. Beautiful singer Anxhelina Hadergjonaj qw, has decided to return to scene after two years break.


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Therefore, do not be “deceived” by her pure appearance, she is more of a “bitch” than she really looks. It seems “love” is mutual and how cannot it be, since a sexy woman like her, makes you feel more than just humor.

Your email address will not be published. Dhurata Dora, after the success of “I like dat” comes with “Edhe Pak”: Zajmina flashes her boobs in a club. Elia Zahariain official activitiesdressed by albanian designers. Headlines this week by magazine “Panorama Plus” 19 October Posted by deshar at But she was not left behind without a reply: This time Rita Ora kisses on the lips with Kate Moss. Nuk bej kompromis me vdekjen per asnje kontrate te majme! ykli

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Adelina Tahiri could not getting used to big breasts. In July, she was seen doing a photoshoot on the streets of New York, with fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey and often commented on the pictures where she’s shining above a traditional city “Taxi” cab. Jul Deda, nostalgji per “Portokalline” Tuna pas kenges i kushton poezi “zogut” Fushata ne Kosove, mijera euro per kengetaret. In ” Miss Globe ” I realize my dream.

October | VIP Thashetheme News, Gossip, Celebritete Shqiptare, Fun&Entertainment

Angelina Hadergjonaj, yll for the second video. Marsela Cibukajundressing in October. It has become known that such an offer came to even Alberie Hadergjonaj, but she refused this invitation, and perhaps she’s not the only one. Besides few appearances like in “2XL” and “X Factor”, she has been absent for some time from stage with any new projects, but we believe that this participation will compensate good the one-year vacuum.

Nora Istrefi, in her element. The debate in the program; Adelina Tahiri explodes in tears after Fatma’s harassment. Attractive singer Zanfina Ismajli, short while ago became news, singing in an election campaign, but it seems that she has now changed her mind.


ylli demaj qe dy jav

Seldi Qalliu charming singer, who also tested himself in “Big Brother” seems to have fixation towards blondes. Is it Shpati, or turkish singer or perhaps a new love?

Jav E Download Free Mp3 Song

But, in fact, Adrian and Argjentina have become advertising face of the new mobile operator in Macedonia “Albafone” that started work last Friday, under the slogan “Speak Albanian”. Ajo keshtu po ndjeke hapat e dizenjatores se famshme Stella McCartney vajza e ish anetarit te grupit “Beatles”, Paul McCartney dhe futbollistit te njohur David Beckham, te cilet kane projektuar linje te vecante per “Adidas”.

Gjoksi i saj i zmadhuar bie ne sy sidomos ne paraqitjen e saj me nje dekolte te hapur si imazh i platformes digjitale “Tring” me nje video publicitare te fundit, qe ju ftojme ta ndiqni me poshte: Tika Camaj-Ivezajone of Albania’s most famous models in the U.

Of course, till all aspects of traffic are regulated by law, who, where and how is allowed to use public roads, there will dt be conflicts like this. Ajo aty shihet se bashku me kolegen e saj Arbana Osmanitani te dyja prezantuese tek “E Diell”, derisa po pinin vere se bashku dhe duken sikur po kalojne caste shume drmaj lumtura, mbase edhe pak te “dehura”.

Thursday, 31 October Arbana and Xhemi, happily “drunk”.