Copies of all the articles and conference papers listed on the database are available from the British Library’s Document Supply Centre in Yorkshire. Why do some journals cease being listed in Zetoc? The resolvers that we currently have enabled include:. The Zetoc service is provided by Jisc – Digital Resources. This was intended to provide an opportunity to gauge general opinion regarding the service and establish a list of potential enhancements. No, you cannot make a request directly from Zetoc. For help please see the FAQs or contact the Helpdesk.


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Zetoc: The monitoring and search service for global research publications

Watch our Zetoc Alert Screencast video for step by step help and guidance on creating an alert list. Site map Contact us. Zetoc can be accessed as an OpenURL target. zrtoc

Search Site only in current section. Zetoc Zeotc automatically sends you emails providing details of the the table of contents from particular journals and articles that match searches for authors names or keywords from article titles. Journals may also cease to be included if the currency is very poor, i.

Zetoc includes over 35, research journals, which were originally chosen for inclusion on the basis that they were the most requested research journals.


Visit Succeed in eztoc studies – the University’s gateway to all the resources and services available to support your learning and academic progress. We use cookies zftoc give you the best experience and to help improve our website. Links to electronic resources, including full text where available and where your institution subscribes to the journal. We use cookies to give you the best experience and to help improve our website. The alerts may be for particular journals, for authors or for keywords from the titles of articles and papers.



Zetoc supports OpenURL resolver software, enabling users to link from the Zetoc full record to the range of services defined by their institution.

This service is run by the British Library, not by Zetoc support. Further information on accessing Zetoc can be found at: If you experience any problems with access to the service please email Zetoc Support: We seek to adhere to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – the Zetoc site zettoc to implement priority one and two guidelines those defined as guidelines sites ‘must’ and ‘should’ comply with and every effort is made to implement priority three guidelines those defined as guidelines sites ‘may’ comply with.

Zetoc: Homepage

Email Alerts are sent as soon as new data is loaded into the database that matches your search criteria. You can also find out more about Zetoc alerts with our helpful step by step Screencast videos. Zetoc RSS enables you to subscribe to feeds for individual journals.

The Zetoc service is provided by Jisc – Digital Resources.

screencast videos for Zetoc

Users can access Zetoc Search and Zetoc Alert by selecting the relevant option from the Zetoc homepage at http: Information regarding who is eligible to access the Zetoc service can be found at: Institutions set up their own Resolver page, and it will usually include links zeetoc the full text where the institution subscribes to the journal.


All of the terms used on this page are in the Zetoc Glossary.


Please note that the URL of the service has now xetoc to http: Many institutions may have their own link resolver, enabling their users to link to the full text of articles where they have subscription rights, and also to other electronic resources. The text of this link will vary depending upon which institution you are from, and you may also see an image, such as an SFX image.

If you experience any problems with the service please contact the Zetoc helpdesk at help jisc.

Zetoc Alert Reference Guide

There are three ways to zetlc journals:. The Zetoc alert homepage includes a link to take you to a form that you can use to transfer your list to your new username.

What access options are available for Zetoc? You can also use it from bibliographic software, such as EndNote and Reference Manager. Yes, Zetoc includes an integrated document ordering facility that allows zetc to order online any article in the database direct from British Library Direct, and pay by credit card.

Introduction to Zetoc – Introductory video explaining Zetoc’s main features.