Support your health goals Ever struggled to know what your body prefers to meet your health and wellness goals? When you place your account on hold, you will be able to continue using it for the full 30 days that you have already paid for. Not on your first purchase. I have that one and the emotions book that I really love to use. You just want to use one drop generally. Fixed a bug that caused a user configuration corruption that resulted in the following error message: Learn how to incorporate the Elite into your practice.

zyto compass 2.0

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Optimized coding for future software enhancements. Your monthly subscription service provides you with: With the Compass, this information is no longer a mystery. However, the core of the ZYTO training program is the online software certification, which includes interactive training modules that cover the basic ZYTO 5.

New Features, Changes, and Improvements: I have done the zyto scan before but wanted to see the presentation and share it with a friend who is a skeptic. One of the unique benefits of the Elite is that it gives you full customizable control over scans and biosurveys.

Fixed issue where music was also coming from the copass side when doing a remote EVOX session. Call or Click Here to email us.


Enter your username and password and click Login. The Compass contains information on all product items and can scan on specific product categories. The time required for the average customer is: Additional product lines can be purchased if desired. Choose the original Compass or the all-new Compass 5.

Added legend for required and recommended fields on New Client screen. Learn more about biocommunication.

zyto compass 2.0

What the Compass can do for you Support your health goals Ever struggled to know what your body prefers to meet your health and wellness goals? Your software will then restart and display in German. Compads learn more, refer to the Duplication page. A quick automated Compass scan reveals top products in a specific product line based on accurate data taken directly from the body.

Review: Zyto Compass Bio-Scanner {Essential Oils}

Many practitioners also provide ZYTO scanning remotely. Help your business grow Thousands of Compass customers have discovered that their clients love the personalized product information the Compass provides, thus drastically increasing their sales and growing their zyro.

zyto compass 2.0

Software Issues Resolved Fixed vompass with the session uploader where session files are uploaded multiple times. Fixed issue where session uploading during the sync would take longer to complete. Fixed issue with the remote lobby which would cause the program to close when trying to connect to multiple clients from the same clinic.


Learn more about biocommunication. Your license can be reactivated from your online Dashboard: I signed in to you tube but it says it is private. Software Issues Resolved Fixed issue causing an error while opening the report on Ccompass scan. For more details and to start earning for your referrals, visit the Referral Program page.

ZYTO Elite – Advanced Wellness Software for Practitioners

The error message can mean one of two things: The Elite system also provides you with full access to the ZYTO library of biosurveys, which quickly and easily zygo automated scans on clients. Support your team What better way to build your own business than by helping your associates discover the power of the Compass? Added Swedish and Chinese compass options. Fixed bug that occurs when setting up the recorder. I am interested in purchasing a Zyto Scanner and was wanting any additional info you may have.

Ability to do a local output during a remote scan.