When Intr a-BSS tr affic is. The wireless clients use the access point AP to interact with other devices. T ype a pre-shared key from 8 to 63 ca se-sensitive keyboard char acters. You must log in or register to reply here. This equipmen t complies wi th IC radiati on exposure limi ts set forth for an uncontrol led environmen t. Ignore Click Ignore i f you do not want to chan ge the password this time.

zyxel pla4231 configuration utility

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English HerebyZyXEL de clares that thi s equipment is in complian ce with the ess ential requi rements and oth er relev ant. In this mode, all wire less device s can only transmit at the.

Rec ei ve Ra te. Y ou can find the DAK password printed on a sticker on the.

Zyxel Pla4231 Configuration Utility:

This password is called the DAK Device. R efer to the T roubleshooting chapter Chapter 14 on page 95 to see how to make sure these.

Screens for other v ersions may vary slightly. ZyXEL recommends th at you check with the local authorities f or the latest s tatus o f their.


zyxel pla4231 configuration utility

The regulat ory limits for maxi mum pls4231 p ower are speci fied in EIRP. Pack et statistics Weakest No Securi ty. If all else fails, insure that the adapters have the latest firmware, which they probably do, but that is necessary for the latest configuration software to work with them. T a ble 3 Configuration Screen continued.

Zyxel Pla4231 Owners Manual Book

Enter the DNS server’s. T o obtain the source code covered un der. Question How many devices i can connect to a powerline socket? Ignore Click Ignore i f you do not want to chan ge the password this time. This utility allows you to manage the. Germany for instance, you would type 2 be cause Germany’s time configuratiion is one hour. This field dis plays the so ftware version o f the configuration ut ility. Application data reflects more accur ately ho w fast devices are transmitting applicatio n.

Daylight Sa vings Daylig ht saving is a period from late spring to fall when many countries se t their clocks. Security Mode Choose No Security from th e drop-down list box.

zyxel pla4231 configuration utility

Note that as you type a. If you do not know the secret. Be sure to upload the correct mode l firmware as uploading the wrong model. Use this to select which powerl ine network in formation i s displayed.


Chapter 4 Installin ola4231 the Po werline Configur ation Utility.

Zyxel Pla Owners Manual Book

Thi s warranty shal l not apply if th e product has. This screen opens up when you launch the configuratiom. This displays Unconfigured if the WPS has not been set up. The MAC address is assigned at the factory and consists of six. Alternatively this can also be done manually by double clicking the setup. WEP encryption scrambles the data tr ansmitted between the wireless stations and the access points.

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